Attic Insulation, Energy Bills and Conservation

One of those things I have to get around to in the next month is insulating the attic. I had a look up there last week and it needs replacing badly – it’s worn away completely in parts! I rang a local hardware store and they quoted me a price of EUR199.89 to cover the approx 56m squared of the attic. I have to check yet if that had a vapour barrier or not.
Here’s a few links for me to come back to soon:

Later… Comment posting was broken for a short period after the last CVS update but it’s working again – thank you to the person who says they have 60cm of insulation, I don’t think Cork/Ireland is cold enough to justify that amount however!
Much Later… The ESB and Bord Gais have very good but brief pages on energy tips. The ESB recommend 6″ of attic insulation, while Bord Gais recommend 4″. I’m going to install 6″ myself!