On this lovely day.. flowers

It’s a lovely Friday afternoon out and I thought it would be nice to post a few photos I took in the last couple of days. Whatever you get up to at the weekend, have a good one, and for those nearer to home, have a great bank holiday!

Photography , Photos

Spiders, spiders.. everywhere!

Sitting down to read the Sunday Times yesterday what crawls out from underneath the paper? *shudder* Any sane person would get something to either trap or kill the spider but I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos! FWIW, when I was finished I trapped the spider and released […]


No. 10000

I didn’t let up much after taking over 6,500 photos last year I’m already over halfway there this year. The photo below is the 10,000th photo to be taken with my Sony F717. It’s rather unremarkable except that I learnt a lot today about using the histogram, and the GIMP […]


May Day Photos – Part 1!

First part of my photos from the May 1st Celebrations here in Cork. A number of stalls, and a stage were erected on Patrick’s St. and the street was closed off to traffic and the weather was beautiful! Photos of Fred and Micha to come tomorrow! Waiting for the Bus […]

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