Day 5 of Covid-19

I managed to avoid Covid-19 all this time, but on Monday afternoon I started to come down with what I thought was a bad cold.

Monday night test. No photos of the positive tests on Wednesday.

The first few hours on Monday evening were the worst, with a dull headache, shakes, coughing, fever and tiredness forcing me to bed early. I got progressively better over the next few days, but there was still that wracking cough, congestion, fever, tiredness and the shakes that would strike randomly or all together.

I’m still isolating. If I dare speak too loudly, I’m wracked by coughing that almost has me doubled over. I can feel perfectly fine, but then a tickle starts in my throat, and I’m coughing again.

My wife has been amazing, caring for me. She is my rock through this time. Somehow, it appears I didn’t infect her. We spent 6 hours in the car together on Sunday. I tested myself on Monday, but it was negative. I should have worn a mask then, even with the negative result, but I didn’t. It wasn’t until Wednesday when the tests turned positive. My teenage son has escaped too, I hope!

Thankfully, I’m fully vaccinated. I don’t like to think what it would be like if I wasn’t.

Fingers crossed there are no long term effects.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 of Covid-19

  1. Well, I tested negative again on the following Friday, November 25th. Yay. Still felt weak for a few days and when we went for a walk in Youghal on Sunday I couldn’t go far.
    Much better now, but I still get fairly tired in the evening. Taking it easy for the time being.

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