New Tweet notifications for …

A few months ago my Twitter notification icon lit up announcing one new event.

Tapping into it I saw something odd.

“New Tweet notifications for” was a new one.

I had no idea what setting enabled this abomination. Every time I visited the site or opened the app I’d see a new notification. Over the months I learned to ignore the bell if there was only one event.

I had to presume not many people had this problem because I didn’t see anyone else complaining about it. From time to time I searched again trying to find out how to disable it.

So it continued until this morning when I went searching again and found this Reddit thread. The last comment is exactly what was going on:

I found a solution.
You click each individual profile on that “list” and turn off the bell!
No idea how they all got on there in the first place but I sanity is restored again/


I do not remember ever clicking the bell on any Twitter account.

I went through a few of the accounts unchecking the bell but discovered that there must be quite a few accounts like this because I kept getting notifications for new tweets.

I thought this was going to take a while but then I went searching again and found this article describing how to turn on notifications so I jumped on it!

Right inside Twitter settings, buried deep in Settings and privacy > Notifications > Push notifications is a setting I must have enabled called “Tweets from people you follow”. Disable this and your notifications are your own again. Do this on a mobile device as on the web you have to enable Push Notifications and your browser may not support them.

My notifications have been blessedly quiet ever since. Not one single reply, like or “new tweet” notification and I like that. 🙂

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