Ages …

Time Machine Initial Backup

Well, look. At least it’s not like in Windows where it tells you it’ll be done in ten minutes and then five minutes later it’s gone up to twenty ..

I expect this will take a few days.

By Donncha

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Time Machine is great and unobtrusive, but the initial backup takes ages. I just discovered a way to speed it up.

Open a terminal and enter this command. You’ll be asked for your login password:

sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0

It’s still very slow, just not as slow as before.

The initial backup finished overnight, but then TM tried to do another full backup this afternoon and tried to squeeze it into my original 500GB TM partition.

I’ve gone back to Crashplan, although due to the way the free version keeps revisions around for so long I’m only going to copy the Lightroom catalog file into my photos directory once a week, the rest of the week it will go into another directory.

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