I’m going the LED route as well. The first one to replace a CFL lamp bulb, which I was impressed with. Now I’m eyeing up those GU10 CFL bulbs in the kitchen (well the 4 out of 8 that still work). I got one LED GU10 replacement to see how it was. £5 one form Amazon. Rated to use only 3W (!!) compared to the CFL 11W. The light is bright abeit a little yellow. Still amazed at how it come on at 100% straight away. The CFL GU10’s took about 2+ minutes to get to full brightness.

Only thing is with my new LCD is there is a slight strobe effect. When you move your hands quickly under the light, there is more “blur” than doing the same under another light, which means there is a flicker although I can’t see it with my eye.

From research it seems this is down to a cheaper driver ( http://www.ledsmagazine.com/articles/print/volume-11/issue-4/features/developer-forum/proper-driver-design-eliminates-led-light-strobe-flicker.html ) so I’m going to try another one on Amazon for a bit over £6 and see how I get on with that. it uses 5W though. 🙁