How to remove the shine on faces with Lightroom

I had to develop a bunch of photos I took at an event recently and some of the faces in the photos had distracting highlights. The shine wasn’t too bad, but it mocked me and my initial attempts to fix it!

Lightroom is limited in it’s editing tools but it does have a powerful brush tool. The instructions I found here worked a treat. You can use the brush tool, healing tool or a combination of both.

  • Select the brush tool and change the colour to a shade close to the skin colour. Do this by clicking on the colour tool and when the colour picker popups up drag the cursor to where you want to grab the colour in the picture.
  • Set the brush to a low opacity and colour in the shine. Go slowly, it’ll take a number of passes.

You can also use the heal tool, but again make sure the opacity is set low.

3 thoughts on “How to remove the shine on faces with Lightroom

  1. I keep on meaning to give lightroom a proper chance. The Camera Raw setting in Photoshop though and the fact I only ever process one or two photos at a time mean I can’t motivate myself to learn lightroom Nice to know there are healing tools available though hadn’t realised that at all.

  2. I know how to fix this in Photoshop, but in lightroom it isn’t easy, like you said, lightroom is a little to basic for this. But when you talk about brush tool and healing tool, where could i find these in Lightroom? because for as far as i know does only photoshop have these. Thanks!

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