Free audio books at podiobooks

Now this is interesting. offer free author-read audio books. I haven’t listened to any yet but I like that the site indicated which are family friendly. You can of course give a donation to encourage the authors and keep the site running!

The interesting bit is that books are serialized as podcasts and they deliver them using a personalised feed.

Via Scott Sigler who was interviewed on The Skeptics Guide podcast.

4 thoughts on “Free audio books at podiobooks

  1. I’d recommend Sigler, Seth Harwood, J. c. Hutchins, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff to start if you want some good sci-fi-ish stories. Particularly the Seventh Son trilogy.

    1. Thanks Ciaran, must check them out, and unsub from some of my podcast feeds. They’re backing up worse than the unread feeds in Google Reader as they take up physical space on my SD card!

  2. Glad you found us, Donncha. But be advised that the stories recommended by Ciaran are most certainly NOT family friendly. You made mention of that in your blog post.

    We do have quite a few that are, however. Enjoy, and thanks for spreading the word!

  3. Evo – thanks for dropping by! I’ve already listened to one recording and yes, not quite family friendly. I’ll pick out something more appropriate for my son! 🙂

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