Ubuntu: ALT TAB between browser windows?

I’m still using Ubuntu’s Unity desktop, which is saying a lot as I switched back to Gnome within a week or so of the previous release of Ubuntu.

One of the remaining bugbears I had with Unity was the window or task switcher. It was impossible to switch between Chrome browser windows. I had to click on the Chrome icon in the Unity sidebar and select the window I wanted. It felt like Ubuntu had tried to emulate what Windows 7 did with their taskbar, but Windows did it better because the window previews are close to the taskbar.

I’m not the only one to have this problem. You can either change window switcher in CCSM (oh oh, watch out when using CCSM!) or use ALT-`. That character is the tick character which normally sits above the TAB key on UK/English/US keyboards but may be elsewhere on other locales. I now need to get used to it like I did with Mac OS X.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu: ALT TAB between browser windows?

  1. I now need to get used to it like I did with Mac OS X.

    I just switched back from Mac to Linux. After 3 years I needed an upgrade and on that occasion I decided to go for more freedom, because as heavy user and developer I often hit the “like it or leave” barrier of Apple.
    Because of that look for freedom I instantly switched to KDE desktop after installing Ubuntu.
    I absolutely understand that unification and simplification is useful when targeting a large user base. (Freedom always comes at a cost, in case somebody didn’t know.)
    As long as Ubuntu makes it that easy to switch to something else, I won’t complain about this Apple-ish attitude in regard to Unity…

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