Proun will make you dizzy!

Proun, a simplistic but colourful and fun racing game has been released on PC. You can download it for free or support the developer by “paying what you want” and you get access to a new track too.

Check out Joost’s history post about the game. I didn’t realise he was the original author of De Blob!

So, six years of development, how did that even happen? It’s not like Proun is the size of a game like Love, so six years may seem a bit long. In short, there are two reasons:

  • I created Proun in my spare time;
  • there were long intervals during those six years when I didn’t work on Proun at all.

Since Proun pretty much evolved around my life and many projects during the past six years, I feel it makes an interesting story to tell how it came to be. 🙂

Just spotted the RPS review and I’m sure Quintin won’t mind me quoting him:

Wot I Think: Proun

I am a leaf on the wind ball on a pipe – watch how I soar.

Buy Proun.

One thought on “Proun will make you dizzy!

  1. Not many buying this by the looks of things. The scoreboard has 3800+ scores for the free tracks but only around 200 entries for the one “premium” track. My first go of it resulted in a placement of 124 worldwide on that track! 🙂

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