Wow more Playstation problems The password reset form…

Wow, more Playstation problems. The password reset form on the various Playstation websites is vulnerable to exploit and allows malicious people to change the passwords of other users.

When will it end? A password reset form is a basic web form. How the hell did they get that wrong? The mind boggles.

Fortunately only their websites have been affected and are disabled. If you already logged into PSN and changed your password then you won’t be affected by this problem.

Next week hackers will make your PS3 play pirated Xbox 360 games. So there!

2 thoughts on “Wow more Playstation problems The password reset form…

    1. And unfortunately I changed my password again as I couldn’t remember what I set it to on the PS3. For some reason the new password doesn’t work so I hope it wasn’t chosen for testing by the bad guys. Looks like PSN websites are down still. 🙁

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