PSN is still down some of my gaming…

PSN is still down, some of my gaming friends have both a PS3 and Xbox 360, and a few more have a PC fast enough to play modern games so what platform do I buy Brink on? The first review I read is a glowing account saying, ‘Brink deserves to be ranked among the finest co-op games available.’

As David said on Twitter when he linked to this post explaining the game, it’s very like Team Fortress 2. Coincidentally, another game I would really like to play with a few buddies (on PC).

So, are you buying Brink and more importantly if we play together online, what platform are you buying it on?

PS. Brink isn’t out here for another 2 days, but saying that, I’m not rushing to buy this. I can wait! (Really!)

10 thoughts on “PSN is still down some of my gaming…

  1. Yeah I don’t know, I’m very much in a wait and see attitude about Brink. Also with the PSN situation it seems like insanity to be buying any games for the PS3 right now.

  2. I’m getting it for the PS3 because that the only platform I have:( this game is a multiplayer game and I have read that it is rubbish in single player. Also the reviews are all over the place. Some are great and some average. Here is a good one
    “@thesixthaxis: New post: Review: Brink”
    And one from hutch if you havnt seen it
    Anyway I’m getting hopefully it will be fun

    1. and here’s d0n7bl1nk’s review. He suggests waiting a week until things settle down. Hopefully PSN will be up by then. I’ll probably get it on PS3 too.

  3. Reviews are pretty dreadful on this one, so I’m backing away very slowly. Lame, because I was actually excited for this.

  4. While I was at Best Buy today picking up BfBC2 for PC, I remembered what day it was and picked up Brink for PS3, as well. I’d rather play a crazy game like Brink on a console where I’m comfortable using the controls than buy it for PC which would be my only other choice.

  5. Wow just watched a few videos people have put out and read that joystiq review. Things are not looking good at all for Brink. Yet again a developer trying to break in with an fps title makes the mistake of releasing a broken game. I think I’ll save my money, I’m sure this coming Christmas during the steam sale it’ll be down to $5, I’ll pick it up then.

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