I’m slowly making my way through all th…

I’m slowly making my way through all the video editing software in Linux. I’ve tried Cinnerella, Lives, Kdenlive, Openshot and a few others but for one reason or another they’re all lacking. Mainly bugs unfortunately.

Of the ones I tried I like Kdenlive and Openshot and was able to do some decent multi-track editing of a video. Kdenlive crashed quite a few times and I think I failed to create a video. Openshot did really well but then I triggered an odd bug where some clips in the video simply froze. The audio continued but the image displayed was the first frame. I went searching for it and found a discussion of the very problem. Seems to be slightly glitchy 1080×720 video will cause it.

Keep searching …



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  1. Arrghhh, I bet you are getting quite frustrated with this but I’m sure you’ll work it out. Never easy though is it and this is the kind of luck I would have.

    1. I went back to the freebie iMovie 08 that shipped with my Mac and it’s surprisingly good. Just rendering my first commentary, I’ll email you a link tomorrow evening!

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