WordPress MU 2.6.3

WordPress MU, the multi blog version of WordPress that runs on WordPress.com has been updated.

Version 2.6.3 has just been released. This is a security release and a required update. More details about the vulnerability in the Snoopy library that WordPress uses can be found on the WordPress 2.6.3 announcement.

This release also includes a number of minor bug fixes but if you want to fix the Snoopy bug alone, it’s sufficient to update these files:

Those are not download links, click through and download the files using one of the links at the end of each page.

Otherwise, updating from 2.6.2 is as simple as overwriting your current install.

20 thoughts on “WordPress MU 2.6.3

  1. Are these files the same in both MU and regular WP or do I need to download separate versions depending on whether or not it is MU?

  2. Can you link me to the step by step to set up MU on our own hosting, dude?
    I got one here: defensive-pro.com but it doesn’t work as it only send activation email, but when click nothing happen.

    My domain is with Godaddy.

    Thanks a lot for fast information.

    PS: If you are willing to get your hand dirty, please help me in setting up. I can send you the login detail.

    Thanks again.

  3. I think something is really wrong with the current MU versions. It used to work pretty well, but when I updated to version 2.6 (from 1.5 series), all of the activation emails stopped working. Nobody can sign-up blogs anymore as the activation emails are not sent. Even if I manually do the user registration, it still doesn’t send out the username and password. Unfortunately, I can’t find a solution anywhere – or have I missed it?

  4. Hi Chris, Gofree, Bloggista.

    I have a step by step guide to installing MU. Some changes have been made to the original script but the process is the same.

    Out of respect for Donncha I will not publish it here without his permission.

    LOL, if you are reading this it means he has given permission and I will be back with the guide when I get the follow up comments email.

    All The Best


  5. Dalton – your site is full of spam blogs and text link adverts. Either that, or the spam blogs are your own. Not a very good example of a WordPress MU community!

  6. Donncha,

    Well that will teach me.

    All I was offering was a guide on how to upload MU (free info for your community and free content for your site)

    I came here and was polite, you go to my site and slag it off.

    1) The landing page theme is new and was put up to test a problem I had with certain themes braking the script

    2) There are no text link adverts on my site! The are links to the individuals blogs.

    3) Each blog is owned by an individual (not me try talking to them)

    4) This particular site was set up to allow people to build make money blogs (Which they can’t do on wordpress)

    5) I do not dictate what type of blog a member can create, except for the following (taken word for word from my site:

    You are free to create any blog that sparks you imagination as long as you follow the simple rules below.

    * No porn or gambling is allowed on this network.
    * Be nice, please do not target any group or individual with; foul, violent, or fascist type language.
    * Don’t spam! We don’t mind if you add your own advertisements or send a few links to other sites (but not bad neighbourhood sites), so long as you provide original, interesting and useful content to your readers.

    That’s it! Not to strict. At the end of the day I’m not your dad… Unless you’re one of my children….If you are, get off this site and go and do your homework.

    Again, I am sorry if my visit to your site and my offer upset you.

    There you go more content for your site (or is this spam as well) and don’t worry about the link on this comment either.

    All the best


  7. It appears someone has hacked into my website Version 2.63 and changed the password?!?!? What can I do about it? Thanks

  8. Ruben – get my exploit scanner plugin listed on the plugins page above and scan your install. the hack could have been done a long time ago and they only got in now, or they may have hacked an out of date plugin. Also, contact security @ wordpress.org and give them as much information as possible.

  9. Bluehost.com say that they don’t allow Dynamics DNS. That is why WordPress MU don’t create new blogs.

    I need to find an other host to install and run my wordpress MU. How can I be sure that my host is OK for wordpress MU?

  10. Try linode.com’s VPS offerings. That’s where my servers are hosted. Any host where you have full control of your own dns and web server will be fine.

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