WordPress MU 2.6

Version 2.6 of WordPress MU is now out! WordPress MU is the multi blog version of the popular blogging software WordPress. It’s the engine behind WordPress.com and many other blogging sites.

This version of WordPress MU is based on WordPress 2.6. There’s a long and interesting WordPress.org post on the new features in 2.6 so get over there to read up on post revisions, “Press This!”, Gears, Theme Previews, and the long list of developers who helped make this release a reality.

Some of the new features in this release of MU:

  1. Version number is 2.6 rather than 1.6 because it just makes sense to synchronise the major version numbers.
  2. Signup page now has a nonce which should help in the fight against spammers, for a short while anyway.
  3. Redirecting to the signup page for 404s and for unknown blogs is not enabled by default. Check out wp-config-sample.php for instructions.
  4. “allowed_themes” filter, much like the plugins filtered added previously.
  5. New functions: get_id_from_blogname(), is_main_blog().
  6. get_blog_details() can now take a blogname as well as a blog_id.
  7. Custom first posts didn’t always work. Now they do.
  8. Blognames in the “Add blog” form in wpmu-blogs.php are now sanitized.
  9. Added “pre_site_option_*” and “site_option_*” filters like the similar option filters.
  10. Meta fields will be passed on signup again.
  11. Added an “admin_header_navigation” filter so the top right navigation in the backend can be customised.
  12. The signup page uses “blogname” instead of “blog_id” to avoid confusion with the global variable of the same name. Plugins will break if not updated!

That last change is quite a major one. If you have any plugins that interact with the signup form they will need to be updated!

This release also addresses some security issues spotted by Alexander Concha and Juan Galiana. Thank you both for alerting us and for your patience while this release was prepared!

51 thoughts on “WordPress MU 2.6

  1. sounds very nice to me, but i am still not sure if my installed plugins and modifications will work when i update to this version

  2. Thanks Holy

    and Jorge this version called stable which will make it more stable and have less bugs than the beta version

    I hope i helped !!

  3. Hi Donncha,

    I’m new to mu and so far I love it. I’m going to have my undergraduate students blogging soon!

    I am running 2.5.1 (1.5.1, I guess) and don’t know how to upgrade. There aren’t instructions on the codex. I am familiar with how to do it on “regular” WordPress.

    Any instructions forthcoming?

    Thanks so much for all your hard work, on this and on the excellent cache plugin.


  4. Thank so much…

    i just finish install 1.5.1 to learn how to create community blog, and now 2.6 is coming.

    what a wonderfull world 🙂

    Thanks WordPress Team and Doncha

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  6. Thanks for this easy to sort reference.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of launching a WordPress MU and this has given me the “boost” I needed to get that started!

  7. Thanks a lot~ I upgrade my subdomain install and found the theme preview images are all broken with an addtional slash in the pictures’ url, would you please investigate this issue? Thank you!

  8. 4. “allowed_themes” filter, much like the plugins filtered added previously.

    I didn’t know there was a filter for allowed plugins. Do you have more information on that (or can you share a link)?


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