What *exactly* was it that killed any of these people? The media are in a hysteria screaming ‘cocaine kills, cocaine kills’, and it clearly does. However what was it about the cocaine that killed exactly? I’ve seen people shovel coke up their noses and not die – the worst symptom I’ve witnessed is asshole-ish behaviour just – slightly less aggravating then drunk people.

So what killed? Was it crap the cocaine was cut with by ‘criminal elements’ as we’re calling them now? Was it eating the cocaine? Was it mixing cocaine with alcohol?

And let’s not forget that an irresponsible use of alcohol can kill you.

As usual there is a lack of any willingness to even begin to impart useful educational material as far as I can see, opting instead to say ‘It Kills – stay away from it.’

Let’s face it – people won’t stay away from it, and they will continue to die needlessly if they’re not in the know about exactly how this drug can kill.

I’m not advocating taking cocaine, but if someone is going to do it anyway we should advise caution.

Of course the argument for legalisation while highly pertinent won’t be a popular one right now either…