Donncha's Thursday Links

  • SMPlayer is a nice front end to the mplayer movie player. .deb packages available for Ubuntu! (via)
  • Gamma Goblin has an innovative solution to the new learner driver laws here in Ireland.
  • Meanwhile, Grandad introduces his how to drive in Ireland series.
  • Recommended tags for WordPress – just one of the new plugins springing up to make tagging in WordPress easier. This Blog Herald post lists lots of other similar plugins too.
  • I really like this picture.
  • Kae got hit by a truck! No damage done thankfully.

    Tomorrow, I’m buying a bike. An upgrade from walking. See, I’m sneaking up on the 21st century, but very slowly.

    It’ll be a BMX, so I can use it in that skatepark that opened recently.

  • Yesterday morning I got another Shelfari invite, but this time from Bernie Goldbach which made me think it was legit as I fished it out of the Junk folder. Not so. As James reports, mass invitation spam is becoming the default because Bernie accidentally spammed his Yahoo address book when he signed up to Shelfari. Bad, bad, bad. I hope Shelfari get kicked for this.

Joseph found this collection of Windows startup screens and sounds. Wow, Windows 3.1. I remember the install disks for that although I can’t remember how many 3.5″ floppy disks it came on now. AFAIR, they ended up being Linux boot disks.

Liking the links?

3 thoughts on “Donncha's Thursday Links

  1. “Wow, Windows 3.1. I remember the install disks for that although I can’t remember how many 3.5″ floppy disks it came on now.”

    7 !

  2. 3.1 and 3.11 came on 6 discs I think. It might have been 8. I dumped most of mine, I had about 6 sets at one point. Others became DOS boot discs with tools, and more became just data discs until they died.

    Yes, I’m liking the links!

  3. 6,7 or 8? I might be able to dig up some of the originals at home. There’s certainly a box full of C64 and Amiga disks gathering dust there too.

    Wish I had dumped all my C64 stuff to the PC when parallel ports were simpler and my 1541 drive still worked 🙁

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