The biggest Backstreet Boys fan

All bow before the dance sensation that is Snowball the Cockatoo. Watch him move to the rhythm of “Everybody” by Backstreet Boys. If you like that, you might like As Long As You Love Me too!

There is a serious side to this however. From the original Youtube description:

Not my video but I felt that it had to be posted on youtube to draw attention to an important issue, Bird rescues and sanctuaries.This is a video of a medium sulphur crested Eleanora cockatoo named Snowball living at the Bird Lovers Only Rescue in Schererville, Indiana. Snowball loves the Back Street boys and has taught himself to dance to their song “Everybody.” Bird Lovers Only Rescue needs reliable volunteers to help on Tuesday and/or Friday evenings. They are a donation-based not for profit bird rescue. There is tons of useful information about parrots on their blog. To see their Website, Blog and birds ready for adoption go to:

I hope this draws attention to their cause. Fortunately there are some really great people running these rescues. As we all know, all to often parrots are abused. There is also another wonderful Youtuber OverTheRaynbow who also runs a sanctuary. To view her videos click here:

4 thoughts on “The biggest Backstreet Boys fan

  1. Sadly, it is not well known that this video was taken at a parrot rescue. Thank you for including that message with the video. Snowball was an “unwanted” parrot before ending up at this rescue. This singing and dancing bird was relinquished likely because birds are also demanding, very loud, messy, expensive to keep. require special foods, and of course they bite. Not all birds will sing, dance, and talk. It is such a shame that people will see this video and think that parrots are an easy pet to care for. Nothing could be further from the truth. Parrots are long-lived and also one of the most difficult animals to keep in captivity. They are wild animals, not domesticated like cats and dogs. Few people are able to provide the things birds need to endure life in captivity. Birds do not just sit in cages and wait for food and water to be changed. They need socialization, time outside their cages, flight, toys, appropriate perches, veterinarians who specialize in avian medicine, and it is necessary to make sure that nothing toxic is introduced into their environment (including cleaners). This video is very misleading. Even the former guardian of this lovely bird found him too much to deal with, and that family is not alone! There are thousands and thousands of birds in rescues and languishing in basements, garages, or other out-of-the-way places because their guardians were not prepared for a sexually mature parrot. Just like dogs and cats, birds are also bred in large numbers (often in mills or large commercial breeding operations) and there are now too many birds and not enough homes. Reputable rescues such as Project Perry and Foster Parrots often have waiting lists or are filled to capacity. There is a captive parrot crisis, and this video has just made it worse because now people will look at this and think, “I want one! How cool!” How sad. For more information on rescue and adoption as well as honest information about keeping birds in captivity, please visit

  2. I am still a big fan, I hope that parrot got a home and whomever was a fan at that Parrot Rescue I hope they give free tickets for good seats at one of their shows, and maybe a free CD for the parrot to learn newer songs. lol. Cute, I love BSB, I wish them the best and I am sad to know what their like and I hope for themsleves and the world that they change, I know not only my world needs it, their does to and so do other people, I am sure they barely care or will ever know. I love BSB, I hope they grow into better people too, their awesome compared to some entertainers, but I hope they change and change the world too.

  3. I enjoyed this video…Very interesting…. That is freaking adorable…. When someone said “Bird Is The Word”, Snowball must have been listening…

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