Can dogs tell when a woman is pregnant?

Sorry, yet another pregnancy related post but it’s been a strange day. Our dog Oscar has always been protective of my wife Jacinta. He has always preferred her company to mine or anyone else’s, but recently he’s become a lot more agitated.

My sister and her boyfriend called over this afternoon and Oscar was on edge the whole time. Instead of playing with the ball he would growl and almost even bit me when I made to take the ball off the ground. Later he growled and bit at my shoe when I sat down next to Jacinta at the dinner table, an act for which I punished him with a few minutes outside the kitchen door.

This evening we took him for a walk and instead of running or walking quickly he walked near us, looking back the whole time, then walked behind and next to us, staying with us as we walked slowly up the road.

I’m convinced he knows the baby is on the way. These answers on Yahoo Answers to the question, Can dogs sense when a woman is pregnant? are fairly unanimous that yes, dogs can tell. I don’t think pets are psychic however!

Here are a couple of great tips and answers to some pregnancy related questions.

Does my dog know that I am pregnant?
What reactions might my dog have to my pregnancy?
What can I do about any negative reactions I see in my dog?

I really need to get Twitter’s number into my mobile, just in case..

46 thoughts on “Can dogs tell when a woman is pregnant?

  1. No sign of baby yet, but Jacinta has started Oscar on Rescue Remedy which has had a great effect on him. He’s a lot calmer now, much to everyone’s relief!

  2. I’m pretty sure that they do know! Of course they have a sense of smell that we only can barely understand what it is capable of.

    I’ve noticed it here at home as well with my two mutts, Sid and Nancy. Whenever herself calls Nancy is over to her straight away and will always insist on trying to sit beside her or on her lap. Sid then will alway lie by her feet as if to keep watch. This never happened before.

    Dogs are dogs but it does not mean they are not in tune with what is going on around them. They aren’t stupid that’s for sure!

  3. I think my dog knows I’m pregnant. She’s been sniffing me a lot! She has always been an affectionate, cuddly lab but now that I’m pregnant she wants to be with me all the time.

  4. They smell, sense and SEE the baby in the mother, difficulty in movement of the mother. Dolphins and whales use sonar to detect pregnancy, like ultrasound. Pets may feel left out and jealous when the baby arrives, or even before, make an effort for them. Psychic preminition are common to many life forms…

  5. Thanks for commenting! We’re going to pick up Oscar this evening. He’s been staying with my siblings and my dad for the last 2 weeks so I think he’ll go crazy when he sees us again. I know we’re missing him terribly! I’m going to be extra attentive to him now that Adam is around. Hopefully they’ll become the best of friends!

  6. My dog, Chula knows that i’m pregnant because she sniffs me and wants to be around me all the time. She follows me everywhere and sleeps with me.

  7. I think my Boxer knows I am pregnant when I showed him the test! Heh JK! Seriously, he is always attached to me and follows me everywhere we go. Although he is like totally by my side all the time, every room, and even in our bed! Since he sleeps with us, he has to always somehow be touching me like every night. He doesn’t always do that but lately he has! A friend of mine said to buy a fake baby doll, put lotion and baby powder on it and wrap it up in a blanket and act like it is a baby. You will see how the dogs act and then you can start training!

  8. I don’t own a dog. Though, when i go to my clients homes and they have dogs. for some reason the dogs seem to lick me from the minate i walk in until i sit down. the funny thing is that no one is able to take the dogs aways from me. they sit next to me through the entire stay and walk me to the door.


  9. i need help, i am on a regular cycle and hav misd my period- im a week late- my dog has always been affectionate to me he knows im his mummy, but lately he prefers my company over anyone and loves sleepin near me, following me, and even toddling over and falling into my lap- he has not really been agressive towards me unles i prevoke him. is this a sign?

  10. I have no doubt they can tell, my jackabee definitely started treating my wife differently when she became pregnant.
    In fact i wonder if he knew before we did.

  11. I think I might be prego. I have a pitbull, begal/lab, and a begal. They all are always around me all the time. But they always get jealous when 1 of the other dogs is around me. They’ve been sniffin me a lot lately. IDK if im prego cuz itz 2 early to tell. When i go 2 sleep the pitbull sleeps to my right and the begal sleeps by my feet and the lab sleeps on my left. sometimes my begal tend 2 get on the floor below my bed and lay right there.

  12. I think dogs can tell, yes, just like cats and other animals, they are simply much more connected to nature than we are.

  13. I think they can tell too…
    I moved in with my partner and his dog a few months ago, and i’ve recently found out im pregnant. The dog has for the past month os o been very affectionate towards me, following me everywhere, not eating when I go away for a few days and prefers being right up next to me, rather than with my partner….

    I love it, but im worried he might get jealous or feeling left out when the baby comes.

  14. My lab mix has recently started sniffing my nipples several times a day. She has never done that before. I am 2 weeks late with my period. Can dogs tell if your pregnant?

    1. I have a little dog & lately she’s been sniffing my Lower Stomach .
      Is this a sign or am I trippin?
      I need help. ?

  15. i think alot of u who r commenting are looking for confirmation of pregnancy and for some of u its just all in ur mind get a pregnancy test and go to ur gyn and stop looking for these animals to tell u something seriously this is crazy n u should be ashamed of urselves..and the rest of u that are really pregnant congradulations!!!

  16. i think your rude, and the people on here are not looking for thare dogs to them if there pregnant there just wondering if they realy do know, so dont be so damn rude, whats your problem?

  17. Im 2 wks late and i do think im pregnant. and i think my dogs know too. I have 2 dogs and i have had them since they turned 5 wks old. my oldest one is 3yrs old and has always been more attenative to me than my husband. but recently she has been under me all the time if i get up shes up following me and she has started to sleep on myside of the bed with me, which is unusual. and my youngest one he is only 7mnths old and my husband has always been his pick but lately hes been following me around and sleeping on my side of the bed and thats very unusual too. has anyone else experienced something like this? and found out that they were pregnant?

  18. I think some dogs have greater perceptions than others. For example, a great dane can even tell who the father is! Why it was old man Roberts, who ran the funfair! and he would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for those pesky kids…

  19. We have a problem at the other end of the scale, my partner is due in a couple of months and we don’t know how the dogs are gonna take it, they’ve been our babies for years now and they’re about to be replaced. Could get messy!

  20. Leon – you should cage them. If they’re small dogs, Argos do a large cage which will hold one or possibly two dogs in their beds. Our boy Adam is fearless and chases after our Shi Tzu Oscar all the time, he was worse when he could only crawl. Oscar is actually glad to go into his cage and bed, just so he’s away from Adam..

    You could be lucky and the dogs will adore the new arrival, but *never* trust a dog with your baby.

  21. One small and one large. Caging them would be a huge step and difficult for us since we’re VERY close to them. We actually bought a gate last week to keep them downstairs and get them used to the idea so they don’t blame it on the baby when it comes. Hopin that will do the trick. They’re usually great with kids, soppy dogs the both of them.

    1. We have a stair gate on are kitchen and we close that everytime we have had a visitor , we let are dog smell bits where the baby had been like the car seat etc so he knew the smell. I would never cage mine as its treating them very different and may react badly to this. The stairgate is the best option as you will have alot of visitors etc when baby arrives. it worked for us and the dog loves the kids. im expectinmg again and he is very over protivice and we still do the same as we know it works x

  22. Thanks. I havent taken a test yet im waiting til tomorrow and see if i start then, but if i dont then i will test. i will post and let everyone know. thanks again!!

  23. hey people do you know why my dong wont go ouut for a walk ??? if you do please tell me and it will help me lot 🙂

  24. That’s funny cause I have had boxers and they love there momma. I have a male that when I was pregnant with all three of my kids wouldn’t leave me alone. He would always be by me before then it got worse he wouldn’t let me take a shower without looking in on me like I was gonna slide out a door on the other side of the shower. When my oldest child was born he would leave he side he would sleep next to her and only go outside when she was in my arms or my husbands. Dogs are a true angel if you ask me I don’t see how people can live with out them.

  25. Hello,

    Sure it’s possible. The body changes in more ways than just appearance during pregnancy. Changes in smell for instance which dogs will be very aware of. Doubt very much whether he realises that she is pregnant but there is probably some instict kicking in that he’s not conciously aware of.

    Very interesting,


  26. I’m due in about 2 weeks and I’m pretty sure my dog has no clue. I was expecting her to be more protective or something, but she’s been acting the same for the whole nine months. Maybe she’s just not in tune or doesn’t care–? I love her regardless.

  27. Yes, they absolutely can. They actually have a lot of things to offer and in return, we must provide them with the best of their needs. Surely, it is always preferable to provide them with high-end dog food products because they are quality tested and 100% healthy.

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  28. hi, wonder if you could help set my mind straight, when i first went to my boyfriends house his dog would come over for a fuss now when i see the dog he gets over excited and will not leave me alone and follow me around and lie by my side, and rests his head next to my stomach, hes even gone for my partner when he went to get him off me, if im in a room an the door is shut he used to stay outside and wait but now he keeps digging at the door and whinning my boyfriend tells me the dog has never been like this before to anyone, is there a reason why the dog is acting this way?

  29. I believe dogs can sense a change in people. I have a friend who is diabetic and she a lab. Well my friend was pregnant and went to take a nap and she shut the door. Her dog daisy started pacing, whinning and scratching at the door. Her partner didn’t know what was going on so he went to check on her and he found my friend as white as ghost, in a sweat and couldn’t wake her. Her sugar had gotten so low that she was unconsious. Thank god for her pup because if it wasnt for her neither of them would be here today. My sister has had her dog clover since before my nephew was born and she was clingy and protective of my sister. My nephew is 15 months and clover loves him she is very protective of him. My brother n law plays with Jayhden (nephew) she gets protective. She growls at my brother n law. Jayhden and clover are buddies especially since he sneaks her food. lol

  30. HI! My husband and I recently decided to try for baby number two. I stumbled across this post because I am trying to take a more natural approach this time around. I have a little Silky named Phoebe and she has always been my dog, there is no doubt about that. Recently though, she has started following me everywhere and growling and barking at people who come over and that is VERY new for her. I actually thought she was mute because she’s never even barked before (some people think I’m a liar because small dogs are notorious for being yappy). Anyways, I AM looking for a confirmation of pregnancy. I don’t really like to take pregnancy tests because when they are negative you have wasted money and stressed yourself out more than necessary.

    BUT my dog has been super weird lately. Almost irritatingly clingy. I can’t get her to give me space without kenneling her. I am not sure if I am actually expecting yet, I have to wait for a few weeks before I can be sure. If I am my dog knew from day one. She started acting strange about three weeks ago and that was when I was due to ovulate. *Thumbs Up*

  31. I use to think my male dog could and then he seemed to stop acting strange around girls that we later found out or new were pregnant.

    This seemed to stop shortly after he had the snip, so maybe there is something in this?


  32. I do believe dogs know when someone was pregnant. My in-laws had a boxer. When I got pregnant she would literally protect my stomach as if it was her baby. She never did that with anyone else. It was amazing. I would be sitting on a chair then Xena (the boxer) would get up on her 2 front paws on my hair and put her head and half of her body on top of my stomach every time I sat down. Crazy huh?

  33. sure they can tell when my girlfriend was pregnant the dog wouldnt jump up on her with his front paws like he always had and he was overly protective of her then after my kid was born he went back to his old ways just days after

  34. this is not due to pregnancy, he is becoming more protective of her, this would only get worse.
    You need a dog trainer, a good one, to stop this habbit right now.
    This is not a good sign from a dog.

  35. I am 3 months pregnant, my dog who has not been crated in several months and has never destroyed anything in my house has recently been destroying things when my husband and I are gone. Today we can home from a doctors appointment to find almost all of my husbands xbox games brokens and the cases shredded and a couple books shredded. Could this be because my dog senses that I am pregnent and he is jealous? If so what can I do?

  36. i know this question is strange but i been notice lately when i take my 2 Pomeranian out of the cage they start to jumping and scratching on me, the daughter is mixed she is a chi pom and she can jump very high to my stomach i’m 5’2 which is strange because she like my mother more and i very good which her mother the other pom and they also try to smell between my legs and this just starting this couple weeks ago

    only jumping and scratching is the only things i see change in them. I do not know if im pregnant yet my period should come on thurday or friday if i’m am i be around 11 weeks but just getting gray color (evap line) at the 5 mins mark the wondfo tests

    please tell me what do you think about?

  37. This is so weird. I’m not even sure that I’m pregnant, and I’ve had scares before, but this time I’ve been getting real symptoms & this time feels alot different from any of the other scares. I moved in with my dad maybe 4 months ago, then went back to my previous home with my mom where conception may have taken place. I then came back to my dads home a month later and this dog will not leave me alone! lol. before he was friendly with me but never cared too much for me. Now, he sleeps in my bed EVERY nite, if i go to the bathroom, which is next to my room, he’ll come in the bathroom with me if i leave the door open. If i shut the door, he’ll go back to my room and wait for me to return. He follows me literally, EVERYwhere around the house. And then one day I was playing with him, and i noticed that pink object projected through his penis as if he was horny? I didnt know how to take that. But the clinginess is definitely present. So i’m thinking they may know a little something something.

  38. just this morning as i head to work. my neighbor’s dog followed me until i crossed the street. weird is, he sniff at me while i walk and he never walk ahead of me, he walks WITH me or BEFORE me.. Sweet dog.

  39. Curious my sisters new puppy seems to come to me as if it were her, She says he doesn’t do that with anyone. Could he sense something. Not even sure that I am

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