Today was D-Day

Today was the due date for the birth, but our baby is too comfortable and isn’t coming out just yet. It’s a waiting game now, at least until Thursday when things will be given a push along.

I feel nervous and expectant. Everything is ready but the guest of honour is not ready. I’m impatient to see my son or daughter and know they are well.

I read that the last few weeks of pregnancy drag out and they certainly do. All the preparation is done. The visits to the hospital taken care of. The baby’s room painted, new curtains hung, everything assembled. We’re waiting and praying that everything will go ok for the last few days.

I wonder what my dad would have blogged about 31 years ago if he had a chance to record his thoughts. I must ask him.

5 thoughts on “Today was D-Day

  1. Too comfortabe = too lazy. Time to get a move on Junior and become the first O Caoimh grandchild. Hope you’re a complete geek (like your dad) and go scouring these comments in years to come. Looking forward to meetinig you.

  2. First ones are nearly always late. But doubtless you will have been told that umpteen times.

    I remember that time – the longest days of my life. And then suddenly my world was thrown into chaos. The excitement, the nerves [How do you hold a baby. What does it want? What do I do next?] and the sheer joy.

    And then the new arrival becomes the focus of everything. Your life will revolve around him or her. Happy days.

    Until, of course, the baby grows into a teenager!!!!!!!!

  3. Any hump backed bridges in your part of the world 😉

    Start reading a ‘non put downable book’ and just when you are engrossed….

    Thoughts and Prayers are with all three of you.

  4. My first lad, Luke, was late as well. Just about to induce him then he decided to pop out.

    I think it took about 6 months before I recovered from the shock of the whole experience 🙂 A 27 hour labour is pretty rough on everyone.

    Best wishes and good luck to the three of you.

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