Do the Bungee Jump

Have you ever looked out on a sheer drop and asked yourself, “What would it be like to fall all the way down?” Have you ever stood on the edge, looked forward towards the distant hills and leapt off into space?

I have. In 2002 I jumped although not particularly willingly as it’s a crazy thing to do! Reading over my post from that time I still remember the fear that numbed me, how I looked straight ahead when the crane had raised me up to it’s fullest height of 50m and then the surprise when time stopped still as I dived off the platform.

For a few moments Matt Munday shared that experience as he dived off the Verzasca dam in Switzerland to recreate the jump scene from Golden Eye!

Look over the other side, however, and you’ll find it’s 721ft straight down onto a cold, hard knuckle of jagged rocks — the frightening equivalent of jumping from a 70-storey building.

Doing a bungee jump is the craziest and most stupid thing I’ve ever done but don’t worry Life Assurance people, I have no intention of doing it again!

Would you like to see what my bungee jump at Star Beach in Crete was like? Here’s a movie made by a girl who brought a video camera with her. Look at those distant hills over the resort. That’s the last sight I saw before I jumped! (do not ajust your volume, there is no sound unfortunately)

This BASE jumper does some crazy jumps. Be prepared to suffer vertigo watching this!

5 thoughts on “Do the Bungee Jump

  1. I have Jumped in Italy in 2004, in Italy many people is death for this stupid “GAME”.
    Now in Italy it is prohibited to make this type of “sport”.Even if was not prohibited would not make it more.

  2. hi…how much was the price to bungee jump in starbeach? this year i want to make a double jump with my best friend….:)

  3. Wow…you’re awesome bud! This has always been a dream of mine to bugee jump, but unfortunately just have not had the opportunity. Then there is the age factor. I used to be fearless in skating, surfing, and any other thrill sport, but age takes its toll on your nerves. Thanks for at least sharing this spectacular jump. Perhaps someday…

  4. Help me please ! We are leveing for Naples soon, and I want to find out where this Bungee Jumping place is.. Is it in Naples?

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