Charlie Harper Sucks

The Charlie Harper Sucks website really does exist! I watched the episode of Two and a Half Men last night where Rose setup a Charlie Harper hate website so I had to see if it was really there. Unfortunately it redirects to a Warner Brothers site but at least they created a site with that devil picture of Charlie!

In real life, Charlie Sheen’s love life isn’t going too well. He and his wife Denise Richards are divorcing. Denise is 6 months pregnant with their second child.

Sheen thought that her hormones (due to the pregnancy) are raging, but the former gorgeous Bond girl felt very neglected. Maybe she felt that Charlie was slipping back to his old self…which she said she ”can’t even comprehend” (when asked about whether his past bothered her).

1,125 thoughts on “Charlie Harper Sucks

  1. Who the F*CK is Jack?!?! What’s wrong with you idiots? Learn to spell or at least know the character’s names, IDIOTS!!!

  2. i always watch two and a half men!! its brill i love charlie in it coz he is s oso so funny!!!! hh <3 🙂
    im watching ti now,its the one were alan finds out judith still loves him he finds out on jakes spi cam !! 😀 so funny xxxxxx

  3. two and a half men is the best show ever nobody can take that away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is the best show ever!!!!!

    love you’s xoxox

  4. “your all freaks get out and have fun for a while instead of watching t.v. all the time” … and do what?

  5. Charlie is so cool…each episodes u will get a new hot girl.thats awesome.!!!!
    Chinese is watching this now!!!

  6. u know if u just find something fun to do that gets your heart rate up till be really good for u i mean come on its not that hard u can still watch TV just not as much just please listen to me and you wont regret it its for your own good please just do it!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m just watching the episode with the “I HATE CHARLIE HARPER WEBSITE” haha
    that’s freaky that the web site actually exists !

  8. charlie i have something to say GET A LIFE like get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and alin ur a DORK!!!!jake is just awsome

  9. Charlie Harper you are damn HOT in the new season you hairstyle is so handsome your handsome too

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