Charlie Harper Sucks

The Charlie Harper Sucks website really does exist! I watched the episode of Two and a Half Men last night where Rose setup a Charlie Harper hate website so I had to see if it was really there. Unfortunately it redirects to a Warner Brothers site but at least they created a site with that devil picture of Charlie!

In real life, Charlie Sheen’s love life isn’t going too well. He and his wife Denise Richards are divorcing. Denise is 6 months pregnant with their second child.

Sheen thought that her hormones (due to the pregnancy) are raging, but the former gorgeous Bond girl felt very neglected. Maybe she felt that Charlie was slipping back to his old self…which she said she ”can’t even comprehend” (when asked about whether his past bothered her).



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  1. i love him he is a awsome man i hope i can marry him cause i have at least 50 posters of him of absolutly adore and love that sexy man

  2. hahahaha charlie is pretty cool, and here is a Q:
    how long do u think u can spend time with charlie
    A: it depends how long u sleep the next morning

  3. charlie is kool nd funny nd i wud defo ride him 4 a laugh. alan is funni 2 bt a dork…jake is funny bt stupid so he does my head in!! I LOVE BERTA!!
    plus my bro thinks chelsea is stunningly hot.

  4. dearest alan harper,
    i think your a wonderful man
    though it would be neat if you could settle
    down with some sweet women who would adore you
    and your wonderful son though charlie sometimes
    treat his women but a throw away dish rag
    i would love an autographed picture of you
    i never get any pictures from any holloywood
    if you ever want to remail me it is
    sincerly kathy your fan

    1. ur not really charlie r u?….
      u cant b
      the real charlie doesnt have enough time 2 b
      on the internet
      talking 2 us “normal” people!!!!!!………..
      U R A FAKE CHARLIE HARPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. charlie harper is funny but is to old to be a womanizer =D and how the hell does he earn so much god damm money???? i like jake =D jakes funny and i like his hair

  6. I just put my name because that is the name charlie used in the charlie harper sucks episode!!! lolololol

  7. WOW !!! It really exists…..
    Charlie Harper is great
    hey i am so with ya about charlie the drunk and jake the cutie!!:)smiles
    haha Charlie Harper it´s a pretty cool guy,i enjoy too much the episode of the Charlie Harper sucks site hihihi,GREAT MAN!!
    i love jake ..sooo cute!!!…charlie ur a drunk horny jerk….but you make the show fun to watch
    nah just kiddin
    he very good actor
    hope the good timi know charlie harper, he asshole.
    we actually did it once.
    then he faked a colesaw and made me leave.
    i hate him.
    i will get revenge!!!
    and he’s very good in bed
    i watch it every night and i’ve got sessions

  8. Charlie is s damn funny, I love him so much, Alan is Funny too but he is an Idiot and Jake is an idiot too haha:D

  9. I love the show and try to watch it as much as three times a night, never seen a boring show all the staff make on good show.

  10. Charlie iz Da man! He iz like my idol, I love watchin him…Im jus like him wit diff girlz all Da time n gettin laied

  11. woooow… cool… ehm nice page! hehehe… i love two and a half man… i just wantet to try if page works, i saw it today in tv… LOL… greets from germany!

  12. greets from germany!!! i just wantet to try and lol.. its really works.. i saw it today in the tv.. charly harper is a cool guy… and to and a half man is very funny!

  13. The only serial thath i have seen twice completly.And probably i am going to see it the 3-th time.They are way to good.

  14. thanks for all your comments,but if i don’t rock,then who does? i know you all love me it is just that those who are not oppotuned to live my lifestyle think i dont rock but I DO ROCK.

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