Steve Irwin killed by sting ray

I just heard on the news that Steve Irwin, aka the Crocodile Hunter, was killed by a sting ray while filming a new documentary. Google news links to more coverage.

“Steve was hit by a stingray in the chest,” said local diving operator Steve Edmondson, whose Poseidon boats were out on the Great Barrier Reef when the accident occured. (

Yes, he was annoying in his over-the-top way but he was entertaining and made wildlife interesting for youngsters who might never have watched a nature programme!

Darren Rowse recognised that bloggers can learn lessons from Steve Irwin about passion, individuality, optimism. Go watch his old programmes again. They’re sure to be shown again soon!

Here’s how he might have died, if the sting ray hadn’t got him first:

15 thoughts on “Steve Irwin killed by sting ray

  1. It’s a very big loss for the entire world. God please take care of his soul! I’ll remember Steve as long as I’ll live. Most BRAVE man I’ve ever seen in my life. (Marian from Romania, a small country in Eastern Europe)

  2. No match for the toothy gators, stevie was a wild boy love’n the wildlife as we loved him. A man we will never forget. Courage, Knowledge and a supportive family and friends in toe. mark n hayley weeks plymouth devon england

  3. How tragic his death was I have to say I’m not really suprised he died by death of animal. The man took many risks and appeared to me that he teased reptiles. I believe we should leave nature alone unless it threatens mankind and that was not alway the case. He kind of got what he deserved. A pitty for his family, espically his children.

  4. I pray 4 u steve I hope you rest in peace. I hope u guys who r reading this learn smthng from how steve die. I will never forget your bravery to wild animals……….good job steve!! we’ll miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Steve may you enjoy your next life expression as much as this previous one,you were a phenomenal man with an uncanny gift to relate with things that speak beyond most people understanding which is our beloved animal kingdom. the things you taught people the way you taught them with such ease and compassion could never be matched. you were a trendsetter eye opener and just a beautiful youthful person at heart (such a big heart as well). which is the one of many things that stands out more than the so called crazy things we’ve experienced with your love of life wildlife over the years you are and will be missed and millions upon millions of natural lovers will never forget you. be in peace steve irwin

  6. i m not only inspired but was some times held in awe as this man of God tried to make the Humans understand the intricate balance between the wild and the world, he will continue to be the beacon of light that all homosapiens need to understand to sort out their own differences, thats what humanity requires . you did a great job when alive, i hope your legacy has the same place in future as you dominated the past…
    May Allah be with you

  7. Steve, you were an inspiration to the world, your programs enlightened millions of people, you will be sadly missed by all, thank you for the wonderful programs you produced and thank you for your work as a conservationist, god bless you always

  8. RIP Steve – you were one of a kind, and you will always be missed. I am happy that you have a wonderful wife and child that are carrying out your mission to entertain and bring wildlife education to the main stage for all of our kids for many years to come.

  9. rip dteve u was a great person who was lucky to be alive u fought crocadiles and that and then was killed by a sting ray

    this is to his family im sorry for your loss he was a great guy and i dont know how his wife feels to loose a husband but i know what it feels like to loose a dad bye xxx

  10. Steve Irwin is a total legend.

    You couldn’t of invented a comic book hero as cool as this guy.

    Huge respect to this guy whose legend can only grow. His legacy is a new world attitude towards the wildlife he was working to protect. His work continues with the media he left behind.

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