More snakes than you can shake a stick at

Has anyone actually gone to see that Snakes on the plane film? The first I heard of it was woz-is-name reviewing it on Ian Dempsey’s show on Today FM a few days ago, although I remember Damien Mulley saying something about snakes a few times. I just thought he had a new hobby! Internet Hype? I must be on some alternate ‘net!

Anyway, it’s supposed to be crap, so I’m not going!

6 thoughts on “More snakes than you can shake a stick at

  1. Unless you just love to watch people panic, i’d skip this one. I had a free ticket otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered to go see it myself.

  2. Motherfucking snakes motherfucking rocks! Saw it last night. If you don’t like over-the-top b movies then don’t watch it. When you feel things crawling around your legs in the fillm it’s even more enjoyable. Some people checked their glove compartment before they went home.

  3. What Damien said. Basically it boils down to if you think the title of the movie “Snakes on a Plane” is funny, then you will enjoy the film. I’m usually not a B-movie fan, but this is different from your average Bruce Campbell flick; starting with Samuel L. Jackson in a 90-minute fit of self-parody. Like yourselves, I didn’t catch the internet hype as much as most people… I assume that it was a much bigger deal in USA where the internet & blogging culture is more mainstream, and Snakes on a Plane became the latest All Your Base are Belong to Us.

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