Dog grooming on the move!

Oscar has just been groomed, washed and clipped to perfection! Leon, who runs Mobile Dog Wash called out this morning and spent the last hour on him in his van. He did a great job, and I definitely recommend him!

By Donncha

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I had Leon out as well. He groomed my golden retriever. The dog loved it and looked well at the end of it. Leon told me he is moving to Florida soon but there is another chap starting on the 1/2/07, and the contact details are the same. Best of luck Leon if you read this!!

Besides helping the dog smell better it is actually very healthy for them. It helps remove dead skin cells and items that may be stuck in their fur. Every time I give my dog a bath I make sure to check her body for skin problems, like tags and discolorations. This can be an early sign to more serious problems

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