First Post!

It’s the cry that gets up everyone’s goat on online forums, especially slashdot, but Eric setiawan runs First Post where he blogs about people’s first posts.
My first post got that treatment today, going all the way back to 1998. A lot has happened since!



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  1. Hi Donncha, thanks for the link 🙂 It’s just an ‘less than 5 minutes’ idea from Eric, he’s incredible. And now, both of us having fun (we won’t call it as work) together running this a newish blog. Hope we’ll always do the right thing in the future.

    Once more, thanks for the existance of It’s great indeed!

  2. Donncha, thanks for mentioning me and my little project there 🙂 I got the idea from my own experience. I just blogged for 5 months now but everytime I saw my old post it always bring the ol’ memories back. Then I thought, it will be nice to see other’s old post. I’m sure it’ll bring back their memories and can be useful for new bloggers. Then to make it more focus, I chose to write only the first post. It was that simple and here we are got mentioned on Donncha’s blog 🙂 I hope this little blog can be useful for many people out there. Cheers.

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