FAlbum – WordPress Flickr Plugin

Wow! I’m impressed! FAlbum is a Flickr plugin for WordPress. It’s simple to install and configure, except make sure you put the rewrite rules above any WP ones, especially if you’re using WP 1.6!
It displays your Flickr albums, most recent photos, and lots of other pretty stuff, all inside your blog!
There’s a longer feature list above, and a few demo pages. This is definitely one project I’m going to keep an eye on for the future!
Later… The FAlbum plugin is now running on my new photography site In Photos displaying all my Flickr photos in a nice album!

6 thoughts on “FAlbum – WordPress Flickr Plugin

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  2. I’m having trouble with the FAlbum mod, and I was wondering if anybody could help.

    I installed the mod in the right directory, and activated it. But when I go to the Options screen and click FAlbum, I get an error message that says “No input file specified.”

    Anyone know what might be causing this? I’m using WordPress on a Dreamhost server.

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