Oh Yeah, There's 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats

Tom was kind enough to mail me telling me that there are now 8 more reasons to hate cats! This neatly follows up on his previous reasons!
Sorry Tom, I love cats, although I do worry about what a cat would do to my new 3 piece suite with those claws!
Tom has plenty more great cartoons so go visit his site! Love his phishing one!

52 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, There's 8 More Reasons to Hate Cats

  1. I am still undecided on cats. There are positives and negatives. For example:

    1. Cats are soft and sometimes cuddly.
    2. …hmmm…. let me get back to this list later.

    1. Cats sometimes randomly crap in strange locations.
    2. Cats constantly shed.
    3. Cats sometimes randomly pee in strange locations.
    4. Cats sometimes cough up hairballs.
    5. Cats sometimes throw up.
    6. Cats scratch things.
    7. Cats get into and on top of everything.
    8. Cats do not listen to you.
    9. Cats scatter litter everwhere.
    10. Cats ruin blinds and rub snot all over house windows.
    11. Cats knock things off counters.
    12. Most the time cats are independent and non-cuddly.
    13. Cats meow.
    14. Cats sometimes sneeze snot all over things.
    15. Cats wake you up begging for food way to early in the morning.
    16. Cats attack each other making a terrible scream that wakes you up with a semi-cardiac arrest.
    17. Cats constantly sleep.
    12. That is probably enough for now… Let’s get back to the pros.

    Pros (continued):
    2. … Well crap, I am stumped here.

    As you can see, it is such a toss up. I can’t tell whether to hug cats or beat them senseless with a coat hanger. I am truly perplexed.

    1. Very strange posts here guys. Most of these points are actually erronious (that means wrong).

    1. Hmmm…. but they do probably spell a little better than you David.


    1. Oh dear. Well doesn’t it take one to know one ‘me’… what happened? Did you forget your own name again?

  3. that’s not a fact, and I DO disagree.

    This doesn’t apply for ALL cats, just the majority of them:

    Cats are friendly

    They are playful, especially with catnip

    They are so cute, no they’re not ugly at all

    They use a litter box instead of going everywhere in the yard. Just use a glove and scoop in in the trash. Plus it’s easier because it’s all together.

    They are easy to take care of.

    They may scratch furniture, but if you don’t want that then just get a scratching post or something.

    They can’t kill you…whoever thinks they attack you and kill you seriously has gone wack. They’re too small
    kill you anyways

    They aren’t noisy and if you want to just sit at a couch they can sit their with you without bothering you.

    there’s a lot of reasons.

    Don’t discriminate me.

  4. i fucking hate cats. If I had a gun and I saw a cat, I would shoot the fucking hell out of it! Anybody that hates dogs should go to fucking hell!

  5. I hate cats, ppl think they so lovely but when u see what they do to small animals u may see that cats are just monsters from hell. ie they get fed by there owners then go outside and catch a bird and will not eat the bird but just leave it to suffer, cats are bloody horrible and should be vermin. I SAY BAN FOX HUNTING AND START CAT HUNTING.

  6. Some people hate cats, some people hate dogs. Big bloody deal. Get a life. And the retard who’d like to shoot cats, well I can only shake my head and pity you. Oh, I love cats and dogs.

  7. Cats are not unlike people. We consider ourselves to be intelligent life, and we do some pretty bad things because of that. Check back into history and look at the Holocaust, the Bataann Death March.

    My two cats don’t hate anyone, therefore I don’t see why you “cathaters” hate cats so bad!

  8. i have five cats, 2 of whom turned 14 this month of april- and they are one of the only reasons i live for and dont just move away somewhere real nice. one other is about 13, the other is almost 10 and my youngest is 2 years old. and i would gladly kill a human being over a cat, i would KILL for my babies- they have always been there for me, they know when i am mad, sad, depressed, or whatever. i love them more than my boyfriend of 10 years (i’m 25 almost 26). i truly believe that people who absolutely hate cats are f*!*ked up potential serial killers. one of the precursurs for potential serial killers is animal abuse, any animal- even if it is only cat they haved disdain for. anyone who could shot a helpless, innocent creature is a freaking sociopath (meaning no concern for others feelings other than their own)if you dont like cats then stay the hell away from them- that’s it- it’s that simple idiots! the only people i have ever known to have shot animals for no good reason is retarded white trash juckets, and they do it for the fun of seeing a helpless animal die and suffer when it has no chance against a gun or any other weapon. and on this comment i am leaving there is no ROOM FOR DEBATE I AM RIGHT AND THESE IDIOTS ARE WRONG! and they better hope they don’t run into me EVER- because i would make them suffer the way they make these poor innocent animals suffer. anyone who does this will and i repeat will GO TO HELL ( and believe me i am NO CATHOLIC) but i do believe their is some sort of punishment in the afterlife and that they will get their retribution.

  9. So, youre trying to say^ that if you had to choose between saving a cat or your son, you would get the cat? You are an addict of cats, first of all (itsnotbadjustsayin).

  10. you crazy cow u need help and i feel sorry for your boyfriend, 1 For being with you and 2 for being with them fuckings stupid cats.

    you have 5 cats and guess what i got 5 bullets thats deal.

    all cat owners should live on a island far far far away from ppl.

  11. Agent Smith from the FBI told me a database from this site is being set up, in which cat haters are noted as potential psychopaths and cat lovers are noted as emotionally immature

  12. Leah Fawn… yeah. Your boyfriend of ten years puts up with your putting your cats emotionally before him? He’s either a serious pussy (pun intended), or you really know how to keep him happy in bed. I’d put my money on the former.

    Your statements – especially the above, as well as “I would gladly kill a human being over a cat” – added onto the fact that you have 5 cats that keep you from moving “somewhere real nice” – reek of an eventual tendency toward animal hoarding. I am involved in animal rescue and welfare, and I’ve seen it WAAAAAY too many times – overly defensive people (hate to say it, but usually women) who cling to the emotional bond (often what they THINK is there, as opposed to what really is) their animals provide, while shunning from human contact, almost to the point of an aggressive personality. You, my dear, surely do seem to lean in this direction.

  13. Let us think about this for a second. When God created the universe, he made everything that creeps, walks, craws, and mews and he gave men dominion over all of it. As well as the earth and sky and water it’self. He gave men dominion. That doesn’t mean kill all of it at your pleasure. That means you are more important than any of it. If you would choose a cat over yourself or another human being, you are a sad, depressed person. And you really need some help with your self-esteem. The fact of the matter is, cats, dogs, snakes, grasshoppers, lions, sheep. they are all under our dominion. If you hate cats, it’s your choice. (personally, i just don’t see much use in them) But if you hate or love cats or dogs, it really doesn’t matter. If you choose any animal over a human being, you are missing something in your life. Some people can be really mean, but they are still a human being and if God loves them, then so do I. I guess what i’m trying to get down to is, if you hate cats, that’s good for you. If you love cats, you must see something in them that the rest of us aren’t. but either way, we humans, are still worth more than any animal.

  14. Cats are the psychopaths of the animal world, if there ever was one. Sure they’re cute and cuddly, although it tends to be if it only benefits them (i.e. they aren’t loyal or protective or try to please their owner the way dogs do). They’re extremely cruel and sadistic to small animals however. Now of course dogs can attack rats and possums and the like, but it’s usually out of some quick aggressive instinct. They don’t play with their prey for fun or slowly torture them the way that cats do. Male feral cats rape female cats and kill kittens that don’t have their smell. Again, cats are cute and cuddly when they’re fed and pampered, but when their real nature comes out it’s extremely cruel and sadistic.

  15. It would seem to me that those of you that protest the existance of cats, are also short in the written English department. Can you not think of adjectives other than the “f” word? Actually, I’m sure you can. In fact it sounds like hurling abuse is all that you are good for. I take pride in knowing that I, a very balanced cat lover have the intellegence to accept nature for what it is but also keep my cats inside, away from morons such as yourselves whilst protecting the native wildlife. What you do affects you in THIS life. Good day to you all.

  16. Bastet, if you set out to criticize people for improper English usage, you shouldn’t begin your post with a sentence that contains two errors. Continue caring for your cats, and find the strength to accept those of us who aren’t terribly fond of felines. Those who would do actual harm to animals are relatively few, but those who write fiery posts to anger people are common. Just ignore them and they’ll go away.

  17. how can you feel disdain for such cute animals.for sure they are independants but don’t you feel you do are,you,human beiings.each one is.i found a kitten,one year ago and felt in love with her.when i have nightmares,she feels my heart frightened and comes to pour on me to rassure me.as if she coulld feel my feelings…she always meowls when i try to kiss her(yep,”she” cuz’ she s part of the family!)but when something s wrotten,she s here.she links the members of the family in spite of pbs…full of beauty,she s smart and graceful… why could people dare disdain animals or pretend they re stupid or ugly or whatever.Mother Nature is such marvillous…you like your liberty ,why should cats depend on humans? wild animals are,by definition,wilds.when you learn to know a person or an animal,you discover his mind and as for me,i reckon animals are able to understand us,beyond words.they feel what s our pb better then people around us.people who love animals are not “emotionaly immature” but maybe disappointed by humans or just emotionaly emotional!i ve just watched some videos and…i reckon you can t hate cats just for beiing like us…looking for independance!we should have a look into a mirror before blaming the others and kittens!my cat killed some of my mice by playing but i did by curing them…[i refuse to concider the “it”,it doesn t exist in french!]as far as you concider that cats are psycopaths,you have to concider we do are some.we feed the world by destroying ecosystem,kill plants,fishes,rabbits to eat them and kill birds or whatever to enjoy ourselves!aren t we the worst animals Hearth has ener known…sorry for sprawling my theory but my emotions by reading such remarks drive me crazy…please,think twice before juging these pretty human beiings’mirrors!!!

  18. All i know is my cat fucking sprays everywhere, fucking screams when she’s in heat, and just annoys the hell out of me in general. Did i mention i’m allergic. Oh and I falsely implied that it’s my cat, I’m 18 and live with my parents and it’s their demon spawn I actually claim no ownership. And if your thinking those problems are comon and easily solvable just get the miserable piece of shit fixed. Well I agree with but unfortunately my parents are dumbshits and think it’s cruel. Kind of ironic really, because what’s really cruel is torturing me with that furry little sneeze bomb. Yeah that’s right i called it a sneeze bomb, I dare you to try being that original. Anyway, I’m moving into my college dorms 2 days from now and can not wait, If i had to stay any longer i might seriously end up doing something rash. So, unless you are a masochist, just get a fucking dog.

  19. LOL i Agree get a dog, With a dog you get a friend for life and not just a stupid monster from hell like you get with a cat, cats are fucking useless, dogs are used to find missing ppl, to sniff out drugs, bombs, round up sheep, and lots more. WHAT THE FUCK DO CATS DO?? FUCK ALL.

  20. i love cats. i have a cat, his name is figaro, hes my best my friend….hes not retarded, but sometimes he really pisses me off to the point where i threaten it, but i dont harm him. hellz no. cats are so calm, comfortable, relaxing, funny, crazy and annoying, but they’re awesome. so fuck the cat haters, your all probably dog fuckers anyways.

  21. Look, my girlfriend has a cat. I fucking hate that cat. The other day, there was an annoying fly flying around inside her house, it was really big. So, the cat was trying to catch the fly like crazy. Suddenly, the fly got too close to my girlfriend, and she screamed. You know what the fucking cat did? Did it DEFEND her? NO! Instead of that, IT ATTACKED her, leaving several scratches on her leg, bleeding. All because “it gets very nervous when someone screams”. The poor thing.

    So… imagine that some psychopath is stabbing her to death, what would the cat do? Attack her too?

    Dogs are loyal. Cats don’t give a fuck.

  22. all of you people who wrote about doing mean things to cats – GO FUCK YOURSELF-ROT IN HELL

  23. My cats are wonderful. They are with me all the time when I’m in my house. I hate people. If you want to hate something, then hate the religious right. Or hate the greedy, reckless, incompetent George W. Bush. Or hate the greedy, stab your neighbor in the back if you can profit Republican party.

  24. I agree with Cyclone…Leah Fawn has some serious issues. Personally I don’t hate cats, I just can’t stand the furry motha fuckas….LOL! But on a serious note, cats are stupid creatures who, unlike dogs, rarely show affection to their owners. They are bad for people who have allergies, they don’t do tricks, and they scratch up your furniture. So my question is “What is there to like about cats?”

    1. They show affection but not in the obvious way dogs do (a little difficult for those intellectually challenged to acknowledge)… They are bad for people with CAT ALLERGIES… No animals do tricks unless their taught, and dogs also scratch furnature unless taught not to… what there is to like about cats, is that people like you don’t like them!

  25. You guys are all crazy! I love cats and I hate dogs with a venomous passion! Dogs piss and shit everywhere while cats do it only in their litter box! Cats kill only mice, birds or fish while dogs kill everything else in their path! Dogs chase you everythere cuz they get all the pleasure of biting you; cats don’t chase you at all! Yes, cats are annoying buy not as annoying as dogs! Dog lovers and cat haters should all go to hell and if you don’t like my comments, I don’t care cuz I know I’m not lying!

    1. I think cats haters are a bit “All about themselves” but it is there choice if they want to like or dis-like cats. I just hate it when they say things like “I want to beat cats to death” Because I love cats, however I have absolutely nothing against dog lovers because I like dogs my self. :).

      1. Ella, its so nice to know there is someone else who doesnt feel the need to kill one or the other… ie: a normal human being.

  26. ….Personally,I like fish.A tank can be so beautifally designed and colorful fish so pleasing to watch.No puke,no poop,no hairballs,no bites or scratches,no noise,no vet bills,no high cost pet food,no chewing of furniture,no begging at your feet,no stink,and when they die,just flush or make a sandwich….both dogs and cats are best served in a Vietnamese brown sauce……

    1. Yes I like fish tanks… one would look especially good with you floating in it sunny side up!

  27. I disagree. Cats can be annoying little rats,but they can also be vary lovable and loyal pets. If you get a good enough relationship with a cat they follow you around.:)

      1. Clearly you (Anonymous) have never had a good relationship with a cat… but by the sounds of it… you’re not likely to have had a good relationship with anybody!

  28. Cats are indiscriminate killers and cannot be trained otherwise, ever, if it moves a cat will try and kill it.
    Cats are parasites.
    Cats are NOT cute, they are vicious mean aggressive killing machines, where’s the cute in that? We get that they ‘look’ but hey John Wayne Gacy’s a clown – cute!
    Cats DO NOT piss and shit only in their litterbox; being delusional about it does not make it so.
    Cats – Toxoplasmosis – a great deal more common than rabies for instance.
    Cats loyalty is conditional and even then entirely unpredictable.
    Cats will not defend or give their life for you as a dog might for instance.

    Look enough, as it happens I love cats and hey I love dogs too, just can’t bear this fawning at the altar of catdom, be happy to take on the dog tribe too if necessary, most of all be REALISTIC, get some perspective for god’s sake (just an expression not an exhortation to the divine) cats are mean vicious cruel independent bundles of cute fluff, so what, they do not embody virtue or exemplify evil, it’s your opinions that do that alone

    1. Right… and human beings are… ? For an example of our own unforgiving, aggressive, hateful, vicious, judgemental god-like complex, just look at ahw’s comment!

  29. Hey everyone, still posting mean comments about cats? UNBELIEVABLE I can understand why you hate cats but not all cats are like that, just remember every cat is different!

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