17 thoughts on “Girls Girls Girls!

  1. ah say hot damn son.. theys some scary ass transexuals up in there. sheeeeeeit son, you best run yo ass outta that sheit.

    (or something like that)

  2. Great photo! I read that you own a FZ5, do you by any chance have the english manual? I received mine today and I was sooo disapointed

  3. @frankp – 1970s had cellphones?! (Girl far right, holding phone) .. dang they’re technologically advanced for hippies!

    Question to ponder: Are they actually tall or do they just look that way from the angle of the photograph?

  4. haha friends ….
    a person is ugly of beautiful… depends on ones perception… so I suggest if they appear beautiful then ask god to provide one like her and if you don’t like then ask god to provide you with some one better….

  5. I want to know how did you traveled back in time to the seventies, or is this the fifties? Lol, where do girls come up with this stuff? Well one on right is normal I guess.

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