I'm a lottery winner! woo! Rich, I'm rich I tell you! haha!

Woo! I’m rich, it’s the “Irish National Lotteries Promotion” after all!

Yeah right, pesky spammers spammed my pop3 host which is an Irish ISP. Must move that to my own server.
There are lots more variations on the theme. Anyone want to ring the Gardai with the phone numbers below?

AWARD PRIZE DEPARTMENT Reg No: 1986 / 004794 / 06.
Oregon House, Upp. Oconnell Street, Dublin, Ireland
E-MAIL ADD: (globalotteryza@winning.com).

A Division of Irish Lotteries Ltd, Subsidiary of the American Gaming Lottery Technology Group.

Dear Winners,


We are pleased to inform you of the announcement made today being September 2005, Dublin, Ireland to all our participated winners of the monthly BONAZA (LOTTO) game held on the above Month, City and Country as part of our International / Local promotional draws.

Your personal Companies Names / E-mail Addresses were among the 1, 200 participants from your Country were selected through computer ballot draws and your e-mail address happens to emerge as one of the winner. Your winning Lottery Numbers:030825964 ranging from 030-82-11-09 drew the lucky numbers serially: 2-5-17-31-40-45 and bonus no: 9 therein consequently won in the 2nd, category.

Your above winning details attached to your winning lottery ticket number: 030825964 with serial number, ranging from: 030-82-11-09 and you won in the 2nd category. You have therefore been approved for lump sum pay out of EUROS: 1,150,000.00c (One Million one hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros only) to its equivalent in CHEQUE, which is the winning pay out for 2nd category winners from the total JACKPORT Prize of EUROS: 21,970,000.00c shared among the
winners in the 2nd category.

NOTE: That your CHEQUE is now deposited as a BONDED CHEQUE with our paying bank, INSURED IN YOUR NAME after Government tax deduction attached with your ticket winning numbers. Therefore we advise you to contact our paying agent through its contact details below urgently for due processing and remittance of your CHEQUE into your account. Failure to
contact our paying office not later than Seven (7) working days effect from the date of notice, all unclaimed prize award will be “DEEM� as unclaimed which will be returned to
the TREASURY as unclaimed.

MR SWART ENDBURG (Authorize Paying Officer).
Direct Lines: Telefax No: +353-86-404-72-55 & +35361314298.
Email (globalotteryza@winning.com).
NB: In other to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to QUOTE your reference and batch numbers provided above to your corresponding CLAIM AGENT. Your
REFERENCE NO: (UIL-ZA: 39-55811-9 and BATCH NO: TTMCIL: 74-263BBN.

Congratulations once more on behalf of our staff and we thank you for being part of our winners and do not hesitate to call me for notification of your winning. Congratulation once more,

MR JOHN PORTELLI (Promotion Manager)
RULES: EU approves Lottery organization, staffs & relatives of employees of the organization are not allowed to participate and any breach of dishonesty on the part of winner will result to disqualification.

9 thoughts on “I'm a lottery winner! woo! Rich, I'm rich I tell you! haha!

  1. i was sent the same mail too.Its all scam from scumbangs.Don’t waste your time replying.

  2. Ditto here.
    Who falls for that nonsense?

    Yes, because it’s so likely that you would be the winner of something you never entered and people/companies like giving lots of money for nothing. If you believe that then I feel sorry for you because you will be taken again and again.

    If it seems too good to be true then it is. It is as simple as that.

  3. Ahhh… but I received a Money Angel some time ago, and they all told me it was true! I would be rich soon! If only I could sell all this SPAM.. I’d be rich beyond belief!

  4. yeah, the fact that these e-mails keep going around suggests they must be working. That’s a real sad commentary on the intelligence of our people.

  5. I thought Nigerians were the kings of this scam. Has it matriculated to Ireland or are the Nigerians pretending to be Irish! Doesn’t everyone?

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