Converting RAW files to Jpeg, Nautilus Style

Further to my previous attempts to convert RAW files to Jpeg, here’s a Nautilus script based on this script. How do you use it? The g-scripts FAQ has more, although in Ubuntu I had to copy the script into ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/
This script uses “Zenity” to display a nice progress bar while the conversion takes place.


(while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
dcraw -c -a -n -h $1 | ppmtojpeg > `basename $1 cr2`jpg
echo $1
done) | zenity --progress --pulsate --text "Converting RAW files to Jpeg"

7 thoughts on “Converting RAW files to Jpeg, Nautilus Style

  1. Thanks dude. Any ideas on how to get thumbs of your RAW files in Nautilus (Ubuntu Breezy/Dapper)?

  2. Thanks for this, I use a Canon 350D and with some minor tweeking (-w instead of -a) it is perfect. 10 MB files doen to 700KB and still presentable.

  3. One thing that always catches me is the requirement for Netpbm. I have rebuilt and upgraded my machines several times in the last 3 months (just for fun) and this bit gets me every time…

  4. Hello,
    I wonder if anybody can help me ? Recently while on holiday in Thailand I took alot of digital photos with my digital camera. These I downloaded onto my laptop as Jpeg files. I then transfered the images to a pen drive and deleated them from my laptop.
    After returning to England I tried to open the jpeg files on the pen drive. It asked me if I wanted to format the drive and it also said my files were stored as RAW Files. So I have 2 questions.
    1.. How did this happen ?
    2..Is there some way I can recover the images ?

    Raymond Saunders


    i have taken some photos as RAW files on my digital SLR, i tried opening them in photoshop and they just wont open because the format isnt recognised. So i need to convert them to JPEGs some how 🙁 but dont know how to do this, and i need to do this ASAP as i have a project due in on friday :'(

    If anyone knows they would be a lifesaver

  6. Lloyd – you could try Bibblelabs from They have a time limited version but it’ll convert your raw files to jpeg really well.

  7. I changed a little your script, it was not working directly for me (ubuntu Hardy heron)

    Note : I remove basename because extension .CR2 is not extension cr2
    Note : added quote (“) because some files have space in their name

    thanks anyway,

    (while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
    dcraw -c -a -h “$1” | ppmtojpeg > “$1.jpg”
    echo $1
    done) | zenity –progress –pulsate –auto-close –auto-kill –text “Converting RAW files to Jpeg”

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