Cork Ladies Mini Marathon 2005 Pictures

The Cork Ladies Mini Marathon took place last Sunday and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny sky and a warm day!
I arrived just before the start with Matt and we struggled through the crowd to get to the front before the race started. I held my camera high trying to get crowd shots when my attention was caught by a young woman who asked me if I wanted to get some shots from upstairs! I followed her and another man into their office where they let me capture the crowd from high up!
What’s it like to have dozens of people cheering and waving at you? Look at the pictures below to find out! Personally, I was on a high and couldn’t believe my luck!
I forgot to get the names of the couple who helped me but one or both of them work for Oran Group whose office was where I shot from. Hopefully they’ll leave a comment here!
Later… Thanks Christine for letting me into the office!
Pictures from last year are also available. It was a lot more fun this year though!

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