Make middle mouse button load URL in Firefox

Why can’t this be a default? Middle mouse clicking a url to open a url in the copy buffer is one of those “must-have” features of Mozilla that I always miss when I use IE. Why isn’t it turned on by default?
These instructions tell you how to enable it.
Set middlemouse.contentLoadURL to true in about:config.

2 thoughts on “Make middle mouse button load URL in Firefox

  1. AAhh I love finding old blog posts that solve my problems!

    I’ve been trying to turn this off in the new firefox as its now on by default, its a nightmare! If I middle click the tab bar to reopen a tab, it reopens then redirects to whatever was in my paste buffer. Useful feature if you’re used to it, pain otherwise. Also annoying on my netbook, where I sometimes middle click instead of double finger scrolling. Cheers.

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