7 Replies to “Welcome to WordPress.com”

  1. First, you would give it to me as errrr say a reward for the click counter plugin you’re using, and then I could think about who I would give it to 🙂

  2. Just as reminder for these WordPress.com invites, they are also part of the process of beta testing the new site, so be prepared to help with beta testing and providing information to help improve this. It’s a great resource and everyone is eager to get it up and running and working at its best!

  3. Hmm… I would have thought that two or three is a better number of invites. One would tend to constrain the invitees to a specific circle. It will take a long time for anyone outside of this circle to get invited.

  4. I would give one to Donncha, but he will probably get one before me! I am SOOO excited that WordPress.Com will finally be used as part of the OpenDomain program.
    Although it looks like he has dropped the link to OpenDomain.Org – probably an oversight when he updated the style. Hopefully he will put it back up soon.

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