AJAX in IE without ActiveX

Kae discovered that AJAX functions in IE depend on ActiveX being enabled. This is terrible – something that’s useful (AJAX) depends on something awful(ActiveX)!
Anyway, Kae found a way around this limitation. It’s not complete but it’s a stab in the right direction.



4 Replies to “AJAX in IE without ActiveX”

  1. You make it sound like new technology which its certainly not 🙂 Lots of people used this method before there was an AJAX – that is: before other browsers implemented XMLHttpRequest. It seems XMLHttpRequest was one of Microsofts actual good ideas – innovation eh, whuddathunkit?

  2. I know using iframes isn’t new – I used a similar technique a couple of years ago for a stock market application at my last job. It’d update trade recommendations “on-the-fly” using an invisible frame. Dead handy, dead simple!

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