9 thoughts on “Watch Out For The Wave!

  1. That is killer. With the frozen progression of the water and the reflected sunset off to the left and the silhouettes. That’s really great.

    Do you have a waterproof case for your camera? Or were you just movingveryfast? (:

  2. I moved very fast and still got a small splash of sea water on the camera! I wiped it off immediately so hopefully there’s no permanent damage. I’ll use a zoom next time!
    I took photos of pebbles, sea shells and flotsam after that..

  3. You’d be surprised how resilient cameras are. My first half-decent one was a Canon 300N. (Got nicked in a nightclub in LA when I was chatting up one of my sister’s mates at a wedding)

    It took manys the salt-water beating and kept on going for a long, long time. Even when the screws were rusted on the outside, it’s heart kept beating on the inside. (See some of the results at http://community.webshots.com/user/markhamnolan)

    I suppose Digital cameras aren’t the same in that regard, though….

  4. Excellent pic, Donncha!

    I wish I had more time to practice my photography. What I really wish is that we could afford a second digital camera. Then I could keep one with me in the car all the time, and maybe do some occassional lunch-time photo drives.

  5. Thanks Dougal! I bring my camera everywhere with me, and if it’s going out at night to a pub or a concert I’ll usually have my FZ5 along.
    Why not have the camera packed in a bag ready in the morning when you leave for work?

  6. Just to echo the positive comments above: That’s a stunning picture. Very professional looking and would be well worth printing for an exhibition.

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