1,137 thoughts on “Things to do when you’re bored

    1. “Only boring people get bored”!

      Here are a list of things to do when you are on your own and bored:

      1. Go for a walk, you’ll get exercise as well.
      2. Tidy your room. Well someone has to do it!
      3. Slide down the banister! It is soooo fun!
      4. Watch T.V Well, it is there isn’t it!
      5. Go to a friends house – FRIENDS are all you need!

  1. im in 11th grade so i must be wise so i should tell u wat right n wats worng so im like ur parents lol im in a cafe bored to hell with my friend nd i iam doing nothing on the internet nothing on facebook no is online boring help

  2. when im bored i go outside and find wild deer and eat grass alongside them. its fun. they love it. i like picking up their little deer dropping too and sniffing it, trying to guess whatll taste like, then popping that sucker in my mouth! such a savory little treat. mm mm mm. after that i like to go on a stroll to help digestion (believe it or not its hard to digest poo!) which takes about 30 min (make sure that poo is traveling down your intestinal track quickly). by the time i get home i usually am hungry again, so ill go to the fridge and find people food like a pizza or something, eat it and listen to music for 30 min. after that theres a grumble in my lower tummy!!! time to go poopoo! so excited 😀 i rip some massive farts before i lower my hefty behind down onto the toilet seat and shit out the pizza and the deer poo……

  3. Ok i have something to say i know what your thinking whats this guy doing on thos website but i need some help have any of you people had sex because im 19 and i want to ask my girl friend to have sex with me nest week and i dont know what to do HELP ME

  4. You are all fucking morons. I suggest all of you go back to school to lean to spell, or for that matter, make a coherent thought. You’re not Bad Ass because you” Flame” other people on which happens to be the stupidest website out there… My suggestion would be to get the hell off of this website and learn English and stop typing like a FuCkInGG N00B then maybe you will gain some friends.

    Props to whomever had the idea to buy an ounce of weed and smoke it. I’m not someone to smoke weed all the time…but every once in a while…it has it’s perks.

    Ps. You’re still fucking morons.

    pps. Go ahead and flame me for this. We all know your going to anyways.

  5. hey fucken Anonymous you have to go back to 3rd grade did u see how many typos you had almost the whole thing so if your going to call everyone morons wich is true you should learn how to spell….lmfao dumbass

  6. fuck everyone
    this page is useless, although still better than doing homework.
    Still though, fuck everyone
    bitch tits ass shit

    so bored

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