Things to do when you’re bored

Are you bored, I’m not. I’m too busy doing interesting stuff to be bored. ๐Ÿ™‚
For everyone else who’s bored. take a look at this bumper list of pointless timewasters and relieve the monotony of your life a small bit.

By Donncha

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Im bored wat can i do because this site is 4 wen ur bored and im bored so yer people should realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly stop hating my cat mia because they are just copying me because i dis liked her first coz she kept on biting me and scratching me and like i know im kool and stuff but seriously dont be a copy cat and i have another thing to say………………………………………………………………………… ive got nothing but im not that bored anymore wait i am still borded mamet

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? CUM ON PLPS ANSWER SO HOT 2DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bordom is over taking me awwwwwwwwwwwww i luv dis song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey hey yer yer its getting late but i dont mind thats wat da song says

Just eat the house down. STUFF YOUR FACE. Who cares if you get fat, it keeps you entertained! (sandwhiches are nice) ๐Ÿ˜€

i’m so boreeeeeeedd …unbelievable, dont really like making new friends, bit of a stick in the mud, you could say i get lonely too easily. im 20 f … and really horny

1.Make a youtube video
2. wing a song
3. Watch the Colbert report
4. make a play
5.make a constitution for your room
6. take a nap
7. EAT
8. make TERRIBLE Yo Momma jokes
9. become a vegetarian
10. get a pizza
11. Wash your pet chicken
12. Make your own shirt with Sharpie
13. Duct tape works for everything……do with that what you will……
14. Tell someone you love em
15. make ur own list
16. Watch T.v
17. Make your own HAT!!!!!
18. Tell ur brother he is gay
19. pretend ur a dog and asked to be treated like one!
20. make up a fake name

1.) Go up to a stranger and ask them if they stole your cookie? and then ask them why they are staring at you
2.) Chew 50 pieces of blue dye gum then spit it out and give it your sibling
3.) Pranks call someone then ask them why they called you
4.) Roll down your car window and then tell people to honk if they think your stupid
5.)EAT It always helps(: Eat all the sugar you can eat!
6.)turn your radio as loud as it can go and then wake up your friend who is sleeping
7.) Throw your phone at the wall
8.) tweet random stuff
9.) go stalk your friends on facebook
10.) when it hits midnight watch a scary movie
11.) go ride a fourwheeler at 3am
12.) at 3am call ppl and say random stuff and act stupid
13.) TEXT your best friend and tell them you just saw chuck norris
14.) go to the mall put on a hoodie a hat and sunglasses and walk up to people and say wassup
15.) dare your guy best friend and tell hi m to put a dress on and walk around the mall
16.) If someone ask who your idol is say chuck norris and tell them not to ask questions
17.) go in a gas station and ask them if they have chuck norris braclets
18.) CLASS means come late and start socializing so sAY THAT To your teacher
19.) make a stupid youtube video of yourself acting stupid and tell them to hit the subscribe button!!!
20.) go outside!!!!!!
21.)go stalk your favorite singer on twitter(:

heres a idea 1 brush do u have oh i will not why lol think about do ppl nevermind i have a puppy dog lol think about penguins huh oh jk i will teehee i no know how2 are u me meme poppop hi hello to

okay i have something for all the girls to do. {no dudes}
will all the girls on here please go to
55 hottest guys in the world
and vote on weather u like robert
or taylor better.
if u dont no those twlight stars then never mind!


Isn’t there anything to help??? Playin teh same videogame can’t help like Maplestory or Combat arms or Wii so many choices and so boring time so just…….eat???

halp! sum1 told my best friend that shes gonna steal my boyfriend! what do i do if he dumps me 4 her how do i make him jealous????

your are not so nicee for makeing a fire i wish you have no friends. you jerke

I say if all of you people are bored.. (like me!)

You should try and get to know each other.. and maybe even meet up ๐Ÿ™‚

1.give a stranger a speech about stranger danger
2.look down a stuffed lion’s throat
3. pretend you’re a dragon eating a magical mushroom that sucks away all of your amazingness
4.make up a word and use it untill it becomes a real word
5.make togas a fad
6.take a train not knowing where you’re going
7.create a rap song and post it on youtube
8.say banana 100 times fast and see what it comes out as
9.paint your face like a tiger and go outside yelling wooooo im a treefrog
10.learn the hustle with your bestie

go looking for hot people on the street and rate them on a piece of paper(:รขโ„ขยฅ i know this didnt help but i do it alot(:!!

i am so bored but heres something you can do go to peoples houses and tell them their name and tell them the cops are around the corner looking for them it might be stupid but i do it all the time one time he actually went down the road in his underwear screaming lolz

So i’m sitting in school in my 6th hour and my teacher MRS. Hally sounds like Bill Cosby!!! Somone save meeeeeee!!!!

I am so bored because I am the best. THE BEST. Best equals bored, bored equals best. WOOOO. I AM BEST. BESTIE, thats me. When someone says BEST, they mean me. And me, means BEST. Oh ya, and BORED. Cuz i SUCK

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