7dayshop.com – review and my bad experience

It’s about time I posted this as it’s been over a month since I had any dealings with 7dayshop. Since then I’ve dealt with several other online retailers without a hitch.

When I shop, online or otherwise, I expect a reasonable level of service and care. When I shop online I expect prompt delivery of my order or notification if the delivery will take longer or products are missing. I also expect to be able to pick up the phone and ask someone where my purchased goods are.

A few weeks ago I was still looking forward to my holiday in Chicago. I wanted to buy a new camera to replace my broken Sony F717. The Canon 20D was the one I had my eye on!

My friend John ordered the camera from 7dayshop for me. I made out a list of products I wanted; camera bag, filters, batteries, and more. About a week later, on a Monday, several of the items were delivered but no camera. We thought there must have been a delay so we let it go for a few days. Here’s what happened:

Most of the goods from 7dayshop delivered. Camera must be delayed somewhere. Let’s wait a few days.

Getting worried now. This morning John left a message on their support page asking about the missing camera. He was given a Royal Mail tracking number to check the status of the package. I rang the Irish Post Office but they couldn’t help me. I went online again and entered the tracking number into the Royal Mail Track and Trace page. Unfortunately Royal Mail didn’t have that tracking number on their system! I rang them after that but again they couldn’t find any trace of the package in their system.

In the afternoon I left a message on the 7dayshop support page asking for an update on the missing camera. Thinking that it would be taken care of, I ordered memory cards, a camera case and a battery case from them. Immediately after placing the order I realised I had made an error in the address of that order so I sent them another support query with the correct company name. No reply all weekend.

It was with some frustration on Monday morning that I kept checking my email waiting for a reply. Finally a reply to my address issue. It couldn’t be changed as the order had been dispatched. My query about the camera was ignored. Several other queries were ignored too. I decided to cancel my Friday order in protest at their shoddy customer care. The camera case was on back order and that was canceled but I was told that the other items were in transit and couldn’t be canceled.

I called the European Consumer Centre in Dublin and was advised that because the Canon 20D camera had not yet arrived it is 7dayshop’s responsibility to see that it is delivered. I sent 7dayshop a letter in the post stating that if I didn’t get delivery of the camera within 14 days I would be looking for a full refund to which I am entitled to under EU Directive 99/44/EC. I left another note with that information on 7dayshop’s support page.
I rang Royal Mail again to check the tracking number. The operator couldn’t believe it had disappeared so completely from their system!

2 hours later John was sent an email saying he must get a refund from Visa. He has to wait 30 days from the time of the order to make the claim, and it will take Visa a further 30 days to refund him.

Having been burned by 7dayshop, I ordered the Canon 20D from Technikdirekt. It arrived within a week.
I ordered a Canon 70-300mm zoom lens from AC-foto. They accept COD and that arrived within a few days.
I ordered a Panasonic Lumix FZ5 from Pixmania and that was delivered within a few days.

My memory cards did appear eventually, but the battery case (value £1.99) failed to show up. On closer inspection of the goods that were delivered by 7dayshop, the camera case and ND filters were missing too. I’m going to call it a day on my dealings with 7dayshop. I recommended them to others in the past but never again.

Here’s some reviews of 7dayshop. The positive ones usually are those that go without a hitch, otherwise it’s a tale of trouble and woe. Leave your story as a comment here. Maybe, just maybe, 7dayshop will take note of them.

In conclusion
When something goes wrong, it’s reassuring to be able to ring up someone and find out what’s happened to goods you’ve spent your hard earned money on. 7dayshop don’t have a customer support phone line. Sure, there’s a phone number on their whois record (01481 257336) but it’s answered by a machine telling you to fill in the support form!

Who do I recommend you buy your camera or electronic gear from? Anyone but 7dayshop.com!
Apart from the awful customer service, it appears that 7dayshop.com source their goods the USA. If you don’t live in the USA that means your goods will be without warranty as electronic goods rarely have global warranties. They must also be making a killing on price. They charge in Sterling, their prices aren’t that cheap, and the US Dollar is weak! Surely some of that profit should be ploughed back into the company?

Try these guys instead. They may ship you a non-English manual, but you get a European warranty, and English manuals can usually be downloaded and printed out.

  • Technikdirekt – very reasonable prices, slow delivery by Deutch Post.
  • AC-foto – no secure server, doesn’t accept credit cards online, but COD is ok, if a little expensive. Very reasonable prices too.
  • Pixmania – a bit more expensive, had some trouble with them during the summer but they’re only a phone call away and were helpful. Fast delivery

62 thoughts on “7dayshop.com – review and my bad experience

  1. I ordered a cheap MP3 player and 1GB SD memory card from them.
    The MP3 player arrived within a week, but had to wait a further 2 weeks for the 1Gb card. They didn’t send an e-mail when they dispatched the order.

    When I e-mailed them about when I could expect to receive the 1Gb card, they sent back a 1 line reply :
    “dispatched on 31/05/2005”.

    I replied back “Your crude and unapologetic reply might’ve been acceptable if it had answered my question. When was it going to arrive… not when was it dispatched”.

    Now the MP3 player ( a cheap 13 deal ) is intermittantly giving trouble. I sent a poor review of it on the 7 Day Shop website… and they decided to reject my review.

    This company needs a proper order tracking system and better
    customer service.


  2. I just want to endorse your comments about Technikdirekt.de. Their prices are good, they shipped quickly. They used DHL in my case, at a cost of €22, and it got here in 3-4 days. The only downsides are that they took 24 hours or so to reply to email queries before the purchase and (obviously, with hindsight) the manuals are in German.

  3. I placed order on 7/13/5 for Finepix a345 which I could of bought from my employer for $160 but saw such a good price of $106.95 with shipping I choose to buy from them still have not seen camera been emailing them since 7/13/5 and now noticed a charge for $189.53 from them that I did not agree to and still not camera….!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM

    and still no reply from them at all

  4. A few weeks ago i ordered some CDR,CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW & memory cards, most of this came in 4 seperate parcels but the DVD-RW were missing i have emailed them 7 times and have had no response. There is no phone contact number and they willnot ring me. My advise is buy it somewhere else.

  5. I bought a 40GB iPod a year ago and only realised after I had placed the order that the shop was in fact the worst online retailer after I decided to research the shop online. Having realised my mistake I tried to cancel my order the moment I placed the order. I left messages on the support page but no-one answered my query. A few days later I was told the order couldn’t be cancelled it was too late it was being processed as we speak. I went on and on over a number of replies asking them to please cancel the order I had made a mistake and that I send a message to cancel the order almost straight after it was placed. Still they wouldn’t help so I waited for it to arrive. A few days later the iPod arrived by recoreded delivery but it wasn’t packed as well as it could have been – the box was wrapped with paper and just bubble wrap and on the side of the box was a small lump which I couldn’t understand. On opening the box I found the lump to be an AC adapter – still puzzled I opened the iPod box and realised that the iPod was american with american plugs – I wouldn’t use that so again I sent them a message saying that I didn’t order an American iPod it wasn’t clear on the item description that the iPod I would get was American. Anyway because I was angry at their rubbish customer service I contacted Trading Standards but I couldn’t do anything because I had received the goods and the iPod item description page was removed from the site so I couldn’t prove anything. So like all other customers I would suggest that you avoid the shop and go somewhere else even if it costs slightly more.

  6. As you point out the real test of a company comes when something goes wrong. Has anything ever gone wrong with any orders you have made with other companies?

    I had a terrible experience with Adorama. I then tried B&H Photo Video and all went well. But nothing went wrong with B&H to test the system, they could be just as bad as Adorama.

    So yeah. I tried 7dayshop and it all went smoothly. But judging from their website and their prices I never expected them to be great on the support side.

  7. I’ve had very terse email communication with them trying to sort a payment problem. They certainly don’t put the ‘service’ into customer service, even though I’ve had no problems with them before. Anyway, one little nugget of info is that i have a direct email address – sarahcorbin@7dayshop.com

  8. Don’t bother with this company. What really lets them down is that no matter what you pay for postage it never arrives in the alloted time. And if you contact them you simply get a one line terse reply.
    I beleive they are really out to make a quick buck then run. They are not interested in customer service because i don’t think even they beleive they have a future in the buisness. There are alot of companies out there. Do your self a favour use froogle or something similar and buy else where. The fact they don’t have a contactable phone number should speak volumes.
    I have been burned too many times from this company and shall not be using them again.

  9. Beware of buying batteries from 7dayshop.com.
    I tried their own-branded AA NiMH rechargeables, which they claim are 2600mAh. Several were almost completely useless and the best I could get out of those that did accept a charge was about 2300mAh. 7dayshop refuse to reveal the source of these batteries, so I must assume the worst.
    Well, …cheap batteries, … what did I expect? They must hope to make their fortune out of customers who only shop with them once.

  10. Persoanly i think if you be nice to them they are nice to you baack, ive had to deal with there customer services 2 times now once for a broken battery charger and once for my sat-nav giving up,

    Both times they told me where to send it to and i was refunded within 7 days (i sent both items back by 1st class royal mail so thats not to bad really).

  11. Cam – I was nothing but nice to them. It doesn’t pay to be rude when dealing with people but they were completely unresponsive to me and many others.

    You were very lucky, you must have got them on a good day!

  12. I have used 7dayshop.com a number of times and have been very impressed with their service and the quality of goods that I have recieved from them. I have referred a number of people to this site and they have not had any problems so far.

    Give them a try and make you own mind up. I look at the site everytime I need something and would suggest to others to try as well.

  13. Nav, I hope you never have to return anything to them, or more importantly, your friends have to return anything to them.
    There’s a very good chance that the goods you bought were not covered by European warranties so if they broke you’ll be relying on their goodwill instead of the legal protection of the law. Cam above was lucky but there are lots of negative stories out there about 7dayshop.

    I personally will never use them again.

  14. Now, that’s interesting. Nav’s email address bounced when I sent him a mail.

    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:

    Could this just be a 7dayshop employee trying to fight negative publicity?

  15. i order three items on 7dayshop. up until i checked out i was never told the items are not available. they were logged as in stock. a day leter they emailed me to tell not all items in stock. they sent one at a time. the most expensive item (USB wireless adaptor) yet to arrive my order was first placed on 7/1/07. it is now 23/1/07. no emails no nothing. not even a telephone number to contact.

    if i do not get my stuff i will report them to trading standards.

  16. I pity anyone who’s had to deal with 7dayshop. After several weeks waiting for delivery of a battery charger and nothing left at my local Post Office, I contacted 7dayshop who told me that I’d left it too long to contact them and there was nothing they could or would do – even though their website says to wait 28 days before contacting them! A letter of complaint is now on its way to their managing director.

  17. Never ordered from 7dayshop until last week, figured I’d order some ink carts for my printer as they worked out a few £ cheaper with shipping.

    Granted, they arrived in 7 days but they were all removed from the manufacturer boxes (I assume to minimise postage costs, however shipping is already pretty expensive) and it looks like the contents were thrown about by a bunch of 2 year olds. Think I’ll give these guys a miss from now on. Like those above, expect a certian level of service and for the sake of £2 difference, I’ll order from somebody who at least attempts to make an effort

  18. 7dayshop what a load of rubbish this firm are,
    I ordered a 2gb compact flash they sent me a 1gb, on looking at my credit card statement
    they had charged me for a 1gb and a 2gb compact flash card but I only received the 1gb.
    I did not order two cards. I sent a message to customer services they said send back the
    1gb, but they would not take responsibility if it was lost, I expect if I had sent it back
    it would be lost. as is the 4gb USB flash drive.

    So if 7dayshop look at this message I would like to tell you that if you do not sort out
    the problems you have given me, we will be meeting face to face I will come looking for the
    person responsible. I am so pissed of with their crap retailing.

  19. I received today the 4gb SD card Sandisk.
    After inserting it into the camera the note appeaared card locked. Examination of the care showed that the widget on its side was in the unlocked position. Moving the lever to locked still showed ‘locked’ as one wouuld expect.
    Returning the lever to the open position did not open the card which is obviously faulty.

    Do I return it to you or will you send a replacement?

    This is the first problem I have had over the years of your excellent service.

    David Cannon

  20. I was about to place an order with 7day shop. I got as far as credit card details and decided to stop. I’m pleased I hesitated. I hadn’t heard of this company before so decided to check them out. After reading the comments I’m pleased that I did. . Thank you for this site.

  21. It appears I must join those that have now suffered at the hands of the worst customer service I have come across. I have used 7day shop several times, and although my orders have arrived in several packages for reasons unknown they have at least arrived.
    This time however, I had ordered a camera and accessories all of which were marked as stock items. A few days later, I get an email that states all items despatched other that the camera itself. After emailing the support with several questions, 1) Why does it show stock when clearly there wasnt any; 2) When will they get stock. The only answer is a one liner, ‘in the next few days’. That was over a week ago. I imagine that the answer to Q1 is that commercially they make more money by taking orders even when they know they have no stock and for the same reason I guess they won’t be precise with delivery information even if they know it. This is a very bad trading practice – no wonder they dont take support calls.

    As various people have commented, phone numbers are non-existent. I have found the registered office is: The Studio, Houmet House, Rue Des Humets, Castel, Guernsey. GY5. Company number 38630, incorporated 3rd Aug 2001. This is of course different from their trading address. However, I still cant find a phone number but I haven’t given up yet. I will also do a company search to obtain director information and publish it here when I get it. Hopefully the phone numbers too.

  22. Damn! Why dint I read these reviews before. I have just ordered from these bunch of idiots. I really really hope I don’t have to go through this trouble. I ordered 6 items, only 1 appears to have been “dispatched”, and that should have been delivered by now.

    Fred, please post the details if you find any through your search. It’ll help us.

  23. Another kind of complaint I would have against 7dayshop is their items reviews.
    I recently ordered some 7dayshop-branded products I’m totally not happy with, so I decided to post an obviously bad review on their website.
    And guess what? My review never made it through, and when you look at the reviews they’re all amazingly good!
    So, censorship and dishonesty? I guess so unfortunately…

  24. I have dealt with this company many times over the last few years and have the following comments:-
    1. Their prices are not that cheap. If you pay less than £18 for an item, it comes VAT free, which is a saving.
    2. Unless you pay the extra P&P charge to ‘jump the queue’ the delivery time will be a long one. With most other companies, if the order is placed before 16:30, it is delivered the next day.
    3. Batteries. 7dayshop batteries are cheap but seem to fail very quickly, so they are not as cheap as they appear.
    4. Customer Services. What Customer Services?

    I have previously bought binoculars from them at a very low price and they were great value and the delivery was good. I also bought a Fuji S7000 from them at a very good price and again the delivery was good. Other items which I have purchased from them have, with the exception of batteries, been of very good quality, but the delivery has been very poor. I placed an order with them on Wednesday and by Saturday it had reached the stage of being processed. Four days and my order had still not been posted. This is very poor. I will not buy anything from them again.

  25. Hi,

    Just wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks – I was about to make a purchase with 7dayshop.com, but thought it might be wise to do a spot of Googling first to see what experiences others had had with them. This was in the top few links. Having read through your report and those of the sites you linked to, I’ve decided to spend a little extra and go with Play.com instead. So, thanks a lot – you may’ve saved me a headache there 🙂

    Dave B

  26. I’ve ordered a couple of times from 7dayshop. First time i ordered some B+W film which arrived in time, all perfect.
    Second time, I ordered some more film, two SD cards and a Powershot which said was in stock. On the same day they email me telling me that the Powershot isn’t in stock and that I’ll have to wait until it is. Also I could cancel this order. So I just waited. The films and the SD cards arrived OK. A week later I received an email saying that the Powershot is now dispatched. That was 2 days ago. After reading this I hope that everything works out and the camera arrives (they said I should allow 7 days) in time. So, my only complaint is about the fact that they said that the camera is in stock while it wasn’t, which made me mad, but at least they informed me. I guess I’ll be back here when the camera (hopefully) arrives.

  27. They strike me as incredibly incompetent. I’ve just made 2 attempts to order. The delivery address _must_ fit a certain format – for example, the postcode has to be 4 digits/characters. Yet the delivery address must also match your credit card address.

    And since Irish addresses don’t have 4-digit post codes.. well, I’ve made 2 attempts now to make sure my delivery address on their site matches my registered card address (checking it with my CC company), but both times the charge was refused. After reading the criticism here, I’m quite glad it was refused, since they don’t deliver on time anyway (I need what I ordered – a camera – for holiday soon.) Makes you appreciate play.com all the more (have ordered from them perhaps 2 dozen times and apart from one incorrect item, they’ve always been totally efficient).


  28. yoy folk have scared the crap out of me I’ve just ordered a 4g sd card for my grand daughters camera for her 18th birthday. How do you get you credit card details cancelled from this firms records

  29. I agree – terrible service, Ordered an item and it wasn’t compatible with my laptop. Pleaded for them to exchange it and they refused point blank without even considering. Item was unopened and still new so really unreasonable. This has left me out of pocket with RAM I cannot use. Buy from them only if you don’t mind dealing with cowboys who are just after a quick buck!!

  30. I made an order of about 1400euro worth of goods in January with the hope of taking it on holiday.Some of the order arrived the day i left but no sign of my camera kit!I arrived back from my travels at the end of March to find a letter from them saying they had my camera since it was ‘returned’ to them on the 6th February??.I have sent them 4 emails from their website, rang their number which isn’t in service, sent them a fax and a registered letter and as of yet i have had no response!I rang my credit card company and they said it’s out of their hands as they could only act within 60 days of purchase.I have bought two cameras from this company already without any problem so that’s why i still have hope that this will be resolved.A friend of mine is going to Guernsey next week so he said he would drop in to the warehouse for me, otherwise i’ll be paying them a visit myself in the coming weeks!
    It’s a ridiculous not to be able to contact somebody if a problem occurs.

  31. I can only give my good experiences as some kind of balance to all of this.

    I’ve been using 7dayshop for a long time now, mainly for film, but occasionally for filters, hoods and neg sleeves and binders. Each time something has been out of stock I’ve received an email immediately to inform me, and haven’t been charged for them until they get back into stock and are dispatched.

    The reason many things arrive in multiple packages is to avoid customs charges, since they are based in the Channel Isles where they are not subject to VAT. That might also be one reason why items do not arrive the day after dispatching, but maybe 2 or 3 days later. I don’t know.

    Anyway, I’m not belittling the problems you’ve all had – obviously they’ve caused you some stress. I’m just offering my great experiences in the interests of balance 🙂

  32. Just a quick follow up to my post above!
    I received a response from them claiming the camera had been returned to them opened and in a “used state”.So even though it never actually arrived to my house they are saying that i have sent it back showing “signs of heavy use, this is all consistant with being used for one or 2 weeks, and we have to return the item to you as it has been returned to us for no reason and has evidently been used”.
    The rest of the order arrived five days after dispatch, they claim the camera arrived back with them five days after that and with “one or two weeks heavy use”…..I had already left the country before the rest of the order had arrived and came back two MONTHS later!!
    So who “used” it?? who sent it back?? Stay tuned folks, it’ll be interesting to see how this developes!!

  33. OMG, after reading al the above I so wish I hadn’t ordered a £180 Canon lens from them….

    Time will tell.

    Fingers xd though……

    (C’mon 7dayshop, don’t let me down….)

  34. Easiest website ive used
    Easiest/most efficient customer support ticket system ive used
    Best prices ive had

    Top notch.

  35. I have to say I’ve had decent enough experiences with 7dayshop.com over the years. I stumbled on this thread as last week I had to return an item (faulty sd-hc card). They took the item back, refunded me, and gave me free shipping for my order to replace it with a different (more expensive) card. I had to ask for the free shipping, but they were pretty prompt with their reply.

    It is annoying that you can’t phone them. I’ve always had the impression that they are a small outfit with a high turnover. I’ve been willing to overlook some of the clunkiness given the good prices and decent enough quality.

    That said, some of the stories here certainly give pause for thought.

  36. Hello, I have to confess; I am not a blogger nor any sort of whinger or moaner normally. BUT;
    7dayshop alone amongst the many excellent companies I have purchased from on Amazon, are in my book; ‘SHYSTERS’.
    25.08.2009; Place order.
    26.08.2009; E mail telling me it is out of stock. (same product now advertised with substantial price increase. I allow a few days, but run low on ink, so;
    07.09.2009; Check that I have not had notification of despatch. Cancel order.
    08.09.2009; Evening. Receive mail stating order despatched on 05.09.2009 BUT NO Notice of despatch issued. Effectively, on Amazon terms, a cancellation prior to despatch. Many E mails, they agree a refund, but will not pay for return postage, which they try to coerce you into doing securely, more cost.
    10.09.2009; 5days after alleged first class despatch,15 days after ordering, order arrives.

    Still they are refusing to pay return postage.
    I will never touch these shysters again.
    It may not be illegal, but it is unscrupulous and dishonourable to expect me to pick up the tab, for their failures.

  37. Why not use
    Freepost GU 327
    St Peter Port
    GY1 5SS at their expense for items below post office compensation level (£39.00?)

    1. Have been a happy 7dayshop customer for the last few years…

      that is up until last week… I ordered three high value items, three items turned up alright but one of them was the wrong thing. I sent a very polite support email just saying let me know how to go about getting it sorted…

      got a reply: “This support ticket is invalid.” What on earth does that mean? maybe I DO want the item they mistakenly sent me, only I’m too stupid to realise it… if they feck me over on this it’ll be the last time they see any of my cash & mr visa, not to mention the european consumer centre will be getting a call.

      I feel very disappointed that they place such little value on me as a customer.

  38. I pre-ordered an item well in advance of release. Decided i didnt want it. I sent an support ticket asking for it to be cancelled, no reply. I sent another and got a reply saying it had been cancelled. I left it at that.

    Then i get an automated email saying that it was in stock, i had been charged and it was being prepped for despatched!!! WTF! …so im in the process of stopping them shipping it out. I doubt ill get a response before it leaves the building!

  39. I ordered something, waited a couple of weeks then got a message saying it was now on back order!
    Over 2 months later, i’m still waiting, the item then dissapears from their website all together, I asked if it had been discontinued they just sent the original prefilled response (it’s on back order)

    I will never use them again, they are arrogant people that don’t deserve the business I put their way.

    There are plenty of other online retailers that do a far better job at a similar price.

  40. Don’t buy from this shower of chancers. I bought two items and changed my address to the person who I wanted the devices delivered to. ‘Customer Support’ informed me that they don’t drop ship and the order couldn’t be processed, but they still charged my VISA card twice. They have since stopped replying to my emails. I know I will have a job getting refunded.

  41. I don’t what has happened at 7dayshop but the customer service is appalling.

    It used to be good but it is now infuriatingly bad. Awful communication, items supposedly ‘in stock’ turn out to be on backorder with no estimate of arrival, and absolutely no help in resolving issues.

    Terrible. Seriously avoid!

  42. @sarah: Well, it happened in 2005 which is when I wrote about it, but people are still having problems since then. 7 comments by people in 2009 and one in 2010. For every person who leaves a comment there are probably more who don’t.

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