Canon Camera Books

Now that I have a Canon camera in my dirty little hands I’m looking for books, and online documentation.
Mainly because I have a German manual, I ordered the Canon EOS 20D Magic Lantern Guide, and followed it up with the following two books by Bryan Peterson:

They look like good reads and along with this Canon site I should be up to speed on DSLR photography in no time! I have to admit, I shot in program mode most of my time in Chicago! I’m glad the author had this to say about travel photography:

The P mode is the best choice when it comes to shooting on trips where one can just leave the settings to the EOS camera and click on anything that is eye-catching to the photographer.

2 thoughts on “Canon Camera Books

  1. I just got the Canon EOS 20D myself. I switched the mode to shoot Adobe RGB, but the pics turn out to be very soft, too soft for my taste.
    Does any of the books you mentioned address this “problem”?

  2. Hey Donncha,

    I have to say, I shoot in P most of the time too, with the odd switch to Av when the situation requires. To be honest, M is only really useful for scenarios where you have the time to sit and compose the shot, and is not really suited to walkabouts, or changing scenarios, in my opinion anyways!

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