Google PageRank resets on expired domains

I heard it on IRC first, but this article explains what happens to a website’s pagerank when it’s domain expires. It resets back to 0 to protect against people unfairly benefitting from the pagerank of the old site! Some would call it domain hijacking but I don’t think it deserves such a violent name!

4 thoughts on “Google PageRank resets on expired domains

  1. Utter BS!

    Ask for any reputable resource to anyone who is telling you that PR of domain resets once its expires. Remember, random article by random Joe is not resource. Come up with something said by Google.

    I have snapped many expired domains, and about 70% of the times I was able to keep the PR. I am not going to mention how, but I can confirm that PR doesn’t resets after expiry of domain.

  2. No websites do not loose page rank when they expire. A Domain can expire, go into redemption period, and the same domain owner can still pick the domain up in the redemption period. The domain is expired before it goes into redemption. I have seen this numerous times and the page rank is not lost.

    I have also seen domains expired, picked up in auction, and sold back to the previous owner…. and you guessed it the page rank remained.

    The problem is if you change themes or place parked pages – this will loose rank.

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