Who do I kick to send mail to Verizon customers?

For some stupid reason Verizon in the States is blocking all email from Europe on the grounds that it’s all spam.
Who do I complain to to change that? I can’t email them because they won’t accept my email, I don’t want to ring them because I presume I’ll be put on hold for a lengthy period. Grr.

When people register on our site, they’re sent an email. If they can’t click on the verification link what are we to do? That’s 3 million DSL users who can’t use tradesignals.com

7 thoughts on “Who do I kick to send mail to Verizon customers?

  1. Why don’t you mail them from a Gmail / Hotmail acc, something like that, or, to be honest, call them, it’s usually the best way.

    Also, post a message on NANOG asking someone clueful to make contact with you…

  2. This has been going on for a few months now and it doesn’t look like Verizon are willing to do anything about it. What’s rich, though is that most spam comes from inside the US! CAN SPAM? Yes, I can.

    Wendy M Grossman had some interesting commentery on this a couple of months back. The thing that worried me about it is the ISP’s perception that they have to protect its customers from the evils of the net no matter what side effects are encountered – some of us are better equipped to deal with spam and so on ourlselves. Not saying such services shouldn’t be available, but perhaps they should be “opt-in”. 🙂

    “Yes, just a raw, unfiltered pipe to the outside world please”

  3. You can’t do anything. Only verizon customers can do anything, by complaining or by leaving them.

    In the meantime just put up something like “Verizon customers: Your ISP tries to block all mail from Europe, if you enter a Verizon email address, you will never receive the confirmation. Complain to Verizon about their stupidity or find another non-stupid ISP”.

  4. Mick – thanks for that. It’s a possibility although I haven’t noticed any other ISP blocking our mail but I’ll check that out on Monday morning!

  5. Donncha, If you want to email a letter of complaint to me, I’ll forward it to them. I don’t have their internet service, but I do have their phone service, so I can sort-of complain as a customer. Really, what to they think, no has friends or business outside the US?!


  6. Thanks Jennifer – I put a notice on our website warning that Verizon users can’t register and pointed them at several news articles on the issue! Hopefully they’ll pick up the phone and complain! It’s an absolutely crazy thing to do!

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