86 thoughts on “Julian Beever's pavement drawings

  1. Where can I see this on the pavement in the USA? The drawings are absolutely magnificent. Congratulations to the artist.

  2. Not only amazing, but FUN! Beever’s art is entertaining and is something that makes you WANT MORE!! Julian, if you’re reading this, I applaud you! Thanks for the experience!!

  3. Please bring your pavement drawings to the USA they are absolutely beautiful and amazing to look at! We would love to have them here! You are a truly talented amazing artist!

  4. Julian is truly blessed with a magnificent gift. I have shared his art with many of my friends and they are always amazed. I can’t wait to see one in person!!!!!!!

  5. What an awesome inspiration you are to all budding artists. I like to oil paint myself and have self taught myself over the years. Nothing as amazing as what you do!!!
    Looking forward to future projects.

  6. Absolutely fascinating! Are all Beever’s work temporary or does he have a permanent exhibit? Where? If not, why not?

  7. Amazing work! I received an email forward with your sidewalk drawings and I had to do a internet search just to make sure they were for real! Awesome drawings! Your oil paintings, wall murals and your other work are also wonderful.. Congratulations on having such a beautiful talent. Enjoy it (as we all enjoy seeing it).

  8. Well actually this guy maybe tallented but in fact what he has done is taken a technique known as ANAMORPHISM (that has been around for hundreds of years) and used it as his own creation. He didn’t come up with the technique himself and his work isn’t as amazing as you might think…well if your a passer by, his drawings simply look like a disproportionate mess, they don’t look 3D at all unless you climb up on a step ladder and look at it through the convex lense of a camera at a right angle to the image. You might be suprised to hear that those images he created don’t actually provide him with much money, and he can’t live off the small funds he recieves from them. Instead he works for larger corporate comapnies…that’s where he gets the money from…just thought I’d say that before people started to get the wrong idea and think he was absolutly amazing. BYEE

  9. Julian your work is amaizing!!!, I received an e-mail of some of your drawings, murals.. then I found more of them on the web. Is beautiful seeing all your work. Do you have web page where you load your work? bye! and thanks for share your talent with us!! =) (sorry if I have ortografhic errors, I am learning this lenguage…)

  10. “Well actually this guy maybe tallented” His artistic talent appears to be somewhat superior to your spelling talent.

  11. Harold, Harold, Harold..just because i know more than you, no need to get your knickers in a twist.

  12. a touch of the green eyed monster Miles? Wished it was you that had thought of drawing on pavements don’t you!

  13. You’re right miles — from now on, no praise to any artist who employs old techniques in modern mediums, no matter how amazing the actual artwork.

  14. Miles, you are an idiot and a pompass ass. You should find a hobby to ease the bitterness that leads you to such feeble attemts at taking the joy out of viewing this amazing work for others. Clearly you are a sad little man.

  15. please come make the side walks of hometown USA beautiful
    would love to meet you….you are amazing!!!

  16. Miles, it doesn’t matter that Julian Beever didn’t invent the procedure of Anamorphic drawings, but it takes an awful lot of artistic genius to know how to apply it properly. He has to “see” the correct image in his mind while he’s drawing it completely out of proportion. I’m an artist myself, but I could never do what he does. Learn to recognize the great talent that this man has instead of critizicing.

  17. Sounds like Miles isnt a very happy person… The talent of Julian Beever is superior on any level. I hope he will grace my city of Atlanta GA (USA) with his presence one day. Keep up the great & inspirational work!

  18. I just received an e-mail with Julian’s 3D chalk paintings. I sit here having to lift my jaw off of my lap. simply genius!! Please visit Houston

  19. This man is a GENIUS!! His work is AWESOME!! I would love to see him in Columbus, Ohio – and he can stay at my house! What a mind to be able to create these masterpieces!! Miles – let’s see some of your work!!

  20. Fantastic work Julian. Thanks for bringing so much beauty to us. This is not a site about Miles, but for god’s sake Miles, give credit where it is due. You are a very small person and full of sh.t

  21. Its art beyong any explanation! Excellent perception and visualization. I am still awestruck! Wonder if you would ever visit my country India!!!!

  22. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Julian, aside from the email address on his site?
    I have a business proposition for him and would like to speak with him ASAP.

  23. yo miles, im not going to jump to conclusions or anything and claim you are a “pompass asshole”,
    but upon seeing beevers work the first time i googled it and anamorphism is the first thing that came up. i highly doubt beever claims to anyone that he invented it, just like all internet phenomenons the legend preceeds him. i find it particularly interesting that you say he probably makes little money on it, but it seems like a lot of his artwork is sponsered by coke, sony vaio, and other major companies.
    he is quite talented as an artist, but even more talented at selling the act. call warhol a sham, youd be doing the same thing.

  24. Ricky, Shut it u Muppet! Why would coke and sony pay someone to draw something on the floor that will be washed off within a day! Have u got any common sence! Awsome work tho.

  25. Miles,
    Actually, I LOVE the “disproportionate mess” images – wish I could find more images from other angles. It heightens my appreciation both for the work required to create these and for the way the brain processes visual information. 🙂

    Fun stuff!

    Also check out http://www.kurtwenner.com/
    Similar stuff, different themes.

  26. I have just inspired my year 7 class with your drawings. They are learning to draw 3D shapes and we all now call them a “Julian Beever”. Each lesson begins with “Can we see the drawings again Miss?”

  27. Julian Beever’s art is really a work of a genius.Its so amazing!!!Hope he has a site or an e-mail so that the youngsters or even adults can communicate with him and learn his work of art.

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