Tracking external links with AJAX

Is there no end to this guy’s talent? Kae came up with a way of tracking hits to external links that only requires you include some javascript, and that adds an onclick() event to each link on your page! I’ll be pumping that into WPMU as soon as I can!
This webmaster world thread discusses the effect lots of 302 redirects is having on Google. I’m trying to figure out if my 302 redirects is having the same affect. 🙁

One thought on “Tracking external links with AJAX

  1. Where are you using 302 redirects? 301’s are definitely the redirect of choice for SEO/SEM types and hopefully at some point, Google and the rest of the SE’s will resolve the problems with 302 redirects. There is some evidence that I have seen first-hand that shows they are trying to figure out a solution, but I am not confident they have yet. Just curious where you are using the 302’s in the MU setup.

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