The mod scene, dead?

Long before mp3 files were causing such a headache for the music industry, original music in the mod scene was inspiring artists and listeners alike all over the world! I’m glad to say that the mod scene is still very much alive.

This search provided me with a wealth of links to explore, and I even found some old favourites and one I remember a friend obsessed about 10 years ago.
The The Mod Archive looks like the place to go for mod stuff these days!
I’ll have to search a little more to find my favourites from the Hornet Archive. Woo! I found the Freedom CD compilation that Hornet released in 1995. Listen to the first track, Kingdom Skies by Jase, or the second track, The Crossing by Necros for a taster of really excellent free music.

You’ll probably want modplug to play your new MOD files. On Debian a simple apt-get install xmms-modplug does the job and you can use the familiar Xmms interface to play them.
Great! The Maniacs of Noise have a download page of their stuff! They have some strange Javascript download mechanism but if you view source you should be able to figure out the simple URLs.
Going further back there’s the brilliantly exploited SID chip of the C64, collected in the High Voltage SID Collection. Ah, nostalgia.

4 thoughts on “The mod scene, dead?

  1. But it looks like from the site that it’s Windows only. The Linux and MacOS ports seem to only support MOD playback.

    BASSMOD 2.0 (Win32, Linux, MacOSX, PocketPC)
    A MOD only version of BASS… useful for demos, or anything else where you only want to play some MOD music.

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