5 thoughts on “Round Tower at Ardmore

  1. This is a -wonderful- shot. It’s composition is great in the way it uses the frame on a near diagonal; the inclusion of the Celtic cross running parallel, and the variation in the background. IIRC my round tower shot also includes the same Celtic cross, but not nearly so well as you’ve done.

    By the way, it was very nice of you to go to Ardmore in response to my comment. IN the last week I’ve been scratching my head, because I thought we went to Ardmore on our way to Cork from Galway, but on the basis of what I’ve read since it may have been between Cork and Wexford. (I really need to dig out the map — Ab climbed over the walls of an abandoned mission somewhere around Croom[?] and it would just be nice to get it all fixed.)

  2. As a fair trade, I dug out a few of my 1989 Ardmore shots, scanned them in, and uploaded them here. They don’t overlap with yours, or I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. I do have a round tower shot, but I think I’ll save it for some day next week. Not sure which day yet, I’m deciding. 🙂

  3. I’m always game to go anywhere nice to take photos and luckily my girlfriend loves to take off at the weekends too so it was a pleasure to get away! We had the weather too – lovely blue skies, hardly a cloud to be seen and really bright, clear air helped a lot. The only downer is my camera broke when I stumbled in the graveyard, but that’s being repaired and I’m hoping to get a Canon 20D soon. I hope I can get a lend of someone’s camera for Patrick’s Day on the 17th if my own camera isn’t back however!

  4. I dunno, I just thought Thursday would be a good day to post my round tower shot. Maybe it’s the sound of “Thursday”? I like yours better, though — and I wonder if the cross I captured was the same as you did in this shot. (I can’t see your angelic[?] headstone in the background of mine, so I don’t know how you composed yours and it would be pointless for me to remember where I was standing 16 years ago.)

  5. Impressive photograph do you have any history notes I could use for my assignment for my tourism course I am doing the FETAC VTOS Level 5

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