So… since people are posting poems and crap, here’s one…

Hell is red
Or is it blue?
When you die,
I won’t miss you!

Yeah, I wrote that one about Alan Shawn Feinstein when he got ill. Red hell is fire, you know, and blue is ice.

I find that I write a lot of good poems, but they are all kind of mean, although honest.

Anyway… I AM SO BORED!!


Yeah, I typed in “I am so fucking bored” in Google to find this. I guess I’m kind of being kind of random, huh? I’m just typing my thoughts. I’m not stupid though, I am in all honors. 7th grade, but still…

I like pie. Pecan is really good. So is every other type of pie. Including meat and pot pies. But you know what? I don’t really like lemon meringue or key lime pie.

Anyway, I’m watching That 70s Show. It’s awesome. That’s why it’s my FAVORITE SHOW. Well, I’m going to concentrate on that now. And I’m just rambling, I know. So… BYE BYE!