Sneaky, sneaky ..

While investigating errors in my php_errors log file yesterday I stumbled across someone leaching data from one of our sites. I blocked him with a .htaccess entry but by the time I left work yesterday they hadn’t noticed that their application wasn’t working.
I came into work this morning and saw that the requests had stopped. Good! Then I grepped for libwww-perl and was disappointed to see requests going to our main server for the same data. A .htaccess file stopped that too but it’s tiresome.
I should check referers but that’s not guaranteed to work and that method actually bit us hard a few years back when a partner couldn’t access data from their site. 🙁
Are there any apps out there for detecting this sort of thing from the log files? I’m guessing that a statistical analysis of the logs would show up lots of the same or similar requests over a short period and/or repeated on a regular basis.
Anyway, thank you for adding one more job to my list of things to do. I’ve already mailed abuse at your ISP. They may be in touch soon.

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