2 thoughts on “The Digital Journalist September 2005

  1. M.Harris’ article on N.Davis [Sep issue]is good but she is wrong regarding my problem with my portrayal in the movie “Killing Fields”, not one scene about me is accurate, only fictionalized;that was a long time ago and I have gone on with my life and as for what she said about my saying that no one will see my photographs while I’m alive, what bullshit as there have been a number of my photos published over the years and hopefully my book on Cambodia will be published before my death and I am still doing it [documenting Cambodia] as Neil would be if he were still alive. Al Rockoff

  2. Hi there,

    I wondered why you didnt like about your portrait in killing field, since it looks like very human (sorry i do not know the events after 1979.. just watched this movie at a pay Tv channell).. even made me like about your personality mr.rockoff..

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